((((OLD, NEW REMASTERED VERSION LINKED!)))) Keys (Fantasy WIP, Updated 9/5/18)

Helloooo friends! SO, I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while, and I’ve decided to make a new version of this and start fresh. Why, you probably ask? In short, this version is really bad and there were a lot of things I just couldn’t fix by simply editing it; believe me, I tried. So we are putting to rest the old “Keys” and giving life to a WAY better one! Nothing changes plot-wise, but I explain more changes that are happening in the NEW FORUM POST, linked HERE!

Thank you guys so much for supporting the first ever draft, but now it’s gonna be way better! It’s all thanks to you guys < 333

Deep in the lands of Marryss-knows-where, a certain “Windmere School for Masters and Their Familiars” resides… Sure, you don’t have a familiar yet, and sure, you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing. But all will be well, right? Not guaranteed, but whatever–we’ll gloss over that.

Journey into the world of Faoli and solve the mystery of Windmere! Hybrids are being assassinated left and right, and it appears fate has decided that it’s your problem. Save them, or leave them for dead?

-Tame your very own familiar! Treat it with kindness, or bend it to your will?
-Room with your choice of character! They’re a colorful bunch; you’re sure to find SOMEBODY…
-Be the most popular name uttered in the academy’s halls, or keep to yourself?
-Become best buds with the teachers, or have the students adore your quirkiness?
-Romance your peers, or choose to be a lone wolf?
-The possibilities are only slightly limited!

-Tabitha / F / Human ~ Chipper, five-year-old-at-heart young woman, a.k.a your personal Windmere guide. Teacher of Familiar Bonding, and summoner of Astra, Griffin of Mercy.
-Master Shrilaissa (Eliza) / F / Dragon-human hybrid ~ Tall, lanky, and practically emotionless master of Windmere. Currently on the case of the hybrid assassinations. Summoner of Kadkrix, Chimera of Flame.
-Kioko / ??? / Cat-human hybrid ~ Excitable and cheerful cat-hybrid with no sense of personal boundaries. Secretly just a bit nervous sometimes. Summoner of Kalani, Pegasus of Poison.
-Cadence / F / Human ~ Book-loving, solitary girl with curls that are just too curly to be true. Adores intimate romance novels. Everybody knows. She does not know that everybody knows. Summoner of Valentine, Amarok of the Night.
-Carris / M / Elf ~ Egotistical elf whose dream is to inspire others. His charm and cockiness can make him seem a bit rude, but he’s actually kind of okay. Kind of. Summoner of Nacacoatl, Quetzalcoatl of Flesh.
-Quinn / NB / Human ~ Professional perfectionist–also pretty rich, but doesn’t like to mention it. They think they have a passion for design. Summoner of Eternicus, Phoenix of Fortune.

You can join it for early updates on progress, adding suggestions, bug fixes, and possible spoilers ; )
And also you’ll want to be there because I’m just that cool.
Click the link to join! Discord

In other news, currently, in our discord server, I have several admins and two artists currently helping me out right now with character design sheets and drawing scenes; but, now that summer’s almost over, they’re got their own things to do, which will slow down some of the progress on the art front. Totally understandable; by the way, they’re doing the most FANTASTIC job.
So, if you wanted to apply to become an artist, diddly do, here it is! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to pay you guys (:c) which SUCKS, and I explain why in the form I’m about to link. But hobbyists and others are welcome!
We need cover artists, character designers, and artists who can draw certain scenes.
APPLY TO BE AN ARTIST HERE!: Keys: Artist Application Form!

A/N: A quick author’s note before I supply the link to the first chapter–THIS IS MY FIRST INTERACTIVE FICTION NOVEL. I am an amateur author, without much professional experience. I GREATLY appreciate criticism, pointers, etc! Thank you so much for reading this far, I hope you enjoy the demo!
Please feel free to comment any grammatical/coding, sentence structure, etc errors. Thank you so much, and here’s to my first interactive fiction piece!

I made a poll! It’s questions for everyone who has already played through the game up until chapter 3 at least once. Please, PLEASE take this quiz if you’ve done so. It would help me improve the game tremendously, and I can’t do it without your help!
EDIT: Thank you ALL so much for your responses! It literally helped me out loads. Taking criticism is something I’m working on, and all of these helped me tremendously with my story. I’ll be making a lot of these changes ASAP!!!
The link is here! Keys: Interactive Novel Improvement Poll



Can you have a frog familiar?

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So uh…Where is the demo link? :flushed:

are you going to put up a list of familliars? I want a giant Spider! :yum:

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Not sure if it’s susuppose yo be like that with the relationship thingy

It’s up now; was having problems! My bad :slight_smile:


Yeaaah, working to fix that… Thank you!!!


Will be supplied when you summon it in the next chapter :slight_smile:


Oh yes, this looks very good!

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This. sounds. awesome. Count me in!!!


I really enjoyed it so far and looking forward to more.

Are we/can we be a hybrid too? It’s always fun when you can be something other than the normal human


Are these the ROs? :confused: Does that mean that Carris is the only male RO available? I mean, if Kioko is genderflipping, that’s two, but that means there would be four options for anyone interested in females… :confounded:


Love the story hope you keep on going

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Im falling for Cadence. Why is she so cute? ~💕

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Kioko is adorbs! Also can’t wait to meet my familiar :blush:


I’m not sure whether I’ll be adding more RO’s (I certainly hope to!) but for the moment, your roommates are the only ones available. I was even iffy about posting the demo since everything is in planning stages and I’m winging a lot as I go; but thanks for reading and I am definitely going to keep this in mind!


I’m not sure whether I’ll make this an option in the final version, but for now I don’t have any major plans to

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Anyone else think it’s a little weird that the game asks you if you’re a leader or a follower if your character’s flaw is that they avoid people like the plague?

Rather hard to follow or lead if no one can find you to interact with you!


Hmm, I’ll try my best to fix this and make it a tad more realistic for people who selected their flaw as solitary. Thank you so much!

I love the concept for this! And all the characters are absolutely adorable so far! I can’t wait to see where you go with this. :smile: