Of Wands and Swords


You enter a cave with your measly wisp slowly, hoping the sound of your boots making contact onto the ground doesn’t startle any creature living here. Suddenly, a gust of wind rushes completely snuffing out the tiny bit of light source you had.


Darkness coats the cave and your heart beats with the water droplets falling onto the group.


You keep some of your fingertips pressed onto the cold walls of the cave and the others caress the smooth hilt of your weapon.


The smell of flowers and herbs wafts throughout, sweet and homey… Followed by the stench of death.

“May the Head Witch feast on your heart, Witch Hunter!” four voices screech in unison.

Just in time for Halloween, I decided to give up on my other stories and introduce this brand new one. You are a Witch Hunter, or at least you were on track to become one until you found an unfortunate truth. Now you’re in the hands of the very monsters you were trained to kill. WHAT WILL YOU DO?


  • Romance 4 characters
  • Choose your Gender…ish (Pronouns and it is pretty limited between He/Him, She/Her, and They/Them)
  • Fantastical Adventure with Gothic Elements
  • Death! Betrayal! Magic!


  • Aeolus/Aethra: Determined and Strong Willed, they are attuned to Air, ruled by Freedom and the Eastern Direction. Trained to hone their ability to Astral Project.
  • Bridget/Brandr: Thoughtful and Analytical, they’re Fire, ruled by Feeling and the Southern Direction. A natural Empath very capable of detecting lies.
  • Mayim/Malik: Adventurous and Optimistic, they’re the Water elemental of the group, ruled by Intuition and the West. As the Seer of the group, they have to keep their cards on them at all times.
  • Sienna/Silvio: Dependable and Caring is the way of this Earth Witch, ruled by Stability and the powers of North. The Healer of the group who always has a way to help their friend.

Side Characters:

  • Lucius: Head of the Royal Witch Hunters. Orders? To eradicate any and all Witches by any means necessary.
  • Florence: The Head Witch. Not much is known about Florence beyond that.

Demo: Not available as of now will post the moment I have the first 2 chapters coded.

Progress: Writing Chapter 1


Ro’s Portraits here. I used Art Breeder.






I can’t wait to read the story that sounds like an interesting read

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