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You are entitled to how you interpret the term “trap”, it is your privilege as a human being, what I want you to consider is nowadays, it is used more as an endearment more than an insult (like the word “nice” actually used to mean “foolish” according to some source, wait, that’s probably not the best comparison, but I can’t recall a better one), but if you think otherwise, then it is, once again, your privilege of having an opinion, I just merely wish you to reconsider it.


You cherry pick out of all the sources I give you, and don’t seem to realise that “pejorative” is a negative word.

It is my “privilege” as a trans person to tell you what is transphobic to the majority. But whatever. Ignore me if you’d rather.


Last time I checked trap was used to sexualise transgender persons as if trapping peoples into sex without knowing their original gender was a part of their identity. I dont find it very endearing to be honest. I am not trans but I dont think its ok for you to tell a trans individual that they feel entiteld. It would be as if a straight person tried to explain pansexuality to me using cherry picked informations found on internet. Wich is kinda what you did here to bagel.

Ps. If something is possibly insulting toward someone it might not be the best idea to use it. Its easier not to bother peoples than trying to enforce the idea that what you are saying is the absolute truth. It might not feel that way for you but you are still telling someone how to feel about something.


Aaaallright I should proobably pop in and clear stuff up so the mods don’t get upset.

  1. Thanks for the Accord hint. I assume she was like her in looks and role, but had the personality of Junko, so to speak. Thanks for the info though, I adore Drakengards lore~!

  2. I had no idea trap was a slur. I was using tons of anime tropes and that’s a particularly common one. I won’t use it in the future though, so sorry folks. I am not in tune with social issues. I just lock myself in my room and work on stuff, ahaha. As for the condition of Alia, he is still a he, he is just dressing in part of a girl for multiple reasons, many of them parental. Plot to come

  3. That’s an old romance list. Near the end I settled on who was who, though now with some ethnicities I can add if people really want them. There are four girls, the Dragon, the Lamia, the Slime and the Harpy. Then four boys, the Zombie, the Lovecraft, the Sheep and the Neko. Only Neko and Harpy have not been in game yet.

(Sorry I am on my phone and felt I should clear it all up earlier than later)


If you want, you can run stuff through me if you want a more “quirky” Recorder-type narrator. I’ve written Accord and similar charcters before. Did you know in the draft she would have had a dragon called Elma? Cute name, right? I’ll totally talk lore with you in PM if you want![quote=“Ledalla, post:24, topic:20304”]
I won’t use it in the future though, so sorry folks. I am not in tune with social issues. I just lock myself in my room and work on stuff, ahaha. As for the condition of Alia, he is still a he, he is just dressing in part of a girl for multiple reasons, many of them parental. Plot to come

Thanks, brah. Just tell me if you want any help in this LGBTQA+, cross dressing etc stuff department if ur worried about stepping on toes; you gotta be pretty open to me though, cause I can be a bit angry. Don’t take it personally though! I’m just that kind of person.

I’m so looking forward to that nice list of ROs! Thanks for clearing everything up!


Perhaps you are right, I think it is unwise to use words that some group think as insulting, but what I’m trying to push is, ultimately, what meaning a word holds, fall into the interpretation of the beholder, while some people find the word insulting, some find it endearing, some find it hilarious, some find it weird, some find it normal, some even find it irrelevant.

But you are truly right about one thing (in my opinion), forcing someone or telling someone what to feel is not a good thing, they are humans, it is their birthright to feel whatever they feel, there are no “right” or “wrong” interpretation, they just “are”, and just to clarify, I am not telling @Bagelthief what to feel, I just wish that they reconsider it and not to universally brand the term/slur “trap” in a negative light, if I came off as trying to force my view point, then I am truly sorry, it’s just that it doesn’t have to be viewed in a negative light, case in point, to people accustomed to Japanese entertainment, mainly Manga and Anime ( or those usually regarded as “Otaku” or “Weaboo” ), the term “trap” basically holds no insult, heck, most won’t even consider it could even comes as an insult, to them, no, us ( I can’t deny being an Otaku ) it just means a very effeminate/feminine guy, never in our wildest imagination that it could come off as an insult, because a trap genre is mainly played out for laugh, rarely, if ever, it is played for drama, you’d be surprised in the amount of trap character is in anime and manga, and every time a trap character emerges, you can be sure that the responses will be in the range of “Kyaaa~ so cute! ( or Kawaii for those particular people )”, “I wanna hug him…”, to “Dude, I think I just turned gay…”, very rarely, and I mean really rare, will you find a response that chastised, or downright insult a trap character, that is why I find it weird that the term “trap” could be used in an insulting manner, especially when this game’s theme is monster girls, which are especially booming for the past few years in Japan, seems like assumptions is a dangerous thing.

Been trying to phrase my comment for too long, I didn’t realised that I’ve been ninja’d by the author itself, oh well…

Once again, sorry if it seems that I am forcing my view in a particular subject, each person is entitled to their own interpretation and point of view. And also, sorry for the derailment and in making a wall of text.

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Ok I’m glad you understand that pushing your opinion on others isnt right but you are kinda cherry picking a bit again. I am trying to say that whatever your view of this word is, its not as important as bagel view of it because they are a part of the group that this word was used to attack.

Its like a white guy telling a black guy that n*gger isnt racist anymore. Its not our place to tell others a word is or isnt offensive. The fact that its used as “endearing” in japanese culture, wich I still find rather misguided, does not negate that its still used by peoples who objectify trans individuals. In fact, it remind me of the “latina” and “ebony” culture that is definitly toxic. They are individuals, not fetishes.


Thanks everyone for their help, spelling errors and all!

However I am gonna hop in one more time and officially end the debate thingamajg going on since the mods won’t be happy if it continues. And this thread has a habit of steering away. Sorry folks~


Okay, something slightly more on topic, then. Regarding this:

Would it be possible to do an “Into The Woods”, and feed the narrator to the monsters? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


(Plus TWENTY CHStavat??? something)

I almost thought this one was dead.

Well she is probably the main villain in Eldritch-sama’s arc simply because that entire arc has no fourth wall. And he doesn’t like her for plot reasons.

Waaahhh so many spoilers I want to say but cant

Edit: I should mention I at least succeeded though. Shes sorta meant to be very annoying and condescending. Cause Narrators are jerks who think they run everything


If I may offer advice.
You really, really don’t want to make her annoying to the reader because they are going to spend the whole story with her and if the narrator are annoying they will be turned off. Remember this is a text based game and the narrator is the majority of what the reader sees, so if she is annoying to listen to your gaming is going to be annoying to read.

Another thing to remember is that this is not a visual based game in the stricest sense. What works for Drakengard (I admit to not having played it), Bard’s Tale and Stanley Parable is not going to work here, because the joke risk running thin very quickly. In those kind of game the player gets a break from the evil narrator thanks to the difference in media, and thus they are easier to stomach and laugh at.

What you want is a narrator who is entertaining, and annoying isn’t entertaining.

Drakengard doesn’t even have a real narrator. In D3, Accord just dicks around pretending she knows shit. And then she appears in the final ending and it’s like… the fuck, you were the narrator…


One comment…bards tale
Edit: I happen to enjoy the narrators wit in this cog game… Don’t kill me mob.

I very much did mention that. But Bards Tale is not going to work for this kind of story, because bards tale had game play break in between (and also the narrator was somewhat entertaining). The only gameplay we have is to click on a bottom and read. A lot.

Never have I said that @Ledalla can’t write a narrator we want see brought down from her high horse, (who doesn’t love a good villain?) and humor is difficult to write as it is very subjective so@Ledalla might very well be hitting the right notes as it is, but @Ledalla should not aim to be annoying, because the reader need to be entertained so they keep reading.

Another thing to do is to make the MC constantly (and I mean constantly) engage the narrator, but then the story (like Stanly Parable) become more of a dialog and the relationship between narrator and the mc/player becomes the focus of the plot since it would be a fight between narrator and mc.

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I agree; an obnoxious narrator can work far better when they’re in dialogue with the characters they’re narrating.

Note: I did actually find the narrator amusing, but I can see her dragging as the story continues.

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Hmm that’s where my problem really lies. She was kinda meant as a one-shot placeholder than kind of became more important on accident. In general, she just narrates like normal, rarely adding a quip like her line in Kazuko’s part. Only a few times does she actually turn into her own character like in the one option if you fall back asleep twice.

So it’s like, on one hand, I want her to just stay off in the sidelines save a few times, but on the other hand, having her in a bit more could be either better or even more obnoxious. She’s not meant to have one straight personality or mood though, so that can either make it better or worse?

Aaaah I’m so lost :sweat:

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Hey, hey, I’ll help u out tomorrow. PM me. I won’t spoil nothing.

Lol the narrator as the final romance option…