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29th Feb 2024
progress update

welcome back to the monthly rambling.

We finally have an discord, join us, I made custom emojis.
Obsolete Stars Server

what did I accomplish in feb?
i finally finished the god forsaken bitch ass chapter 7. yall have no idea it was haunting me so much. i was going insane and I’m so happy its over. not only did I finish chapter 7 tho, I also finished my 10k goal, yay. it was a tiny goal, but it actually felt so much more possible, so ill def keep 10-15k as my monthly goals. even tho I am still job hunting on the side, BCS ya boy is officially a sexy university dropout now?? wow, ik. i have most stuff for chapter 8 figured out, I just need to write it down.

goals for march:
get a job. i just need to survive on the side while writing. ill keep my march goal at 10k, maybe ill get more or less, depending on the entire job situation. i also need to do a lil bit of research BCS ill be writing outside my comfort zone, and getting me to read scenes like the one i planned will be hell BCS i cannot keep attention and i usually just skip it not sorry. I’m not gonna tell myself that ill finish chapter 8 this month, BCS i am so traumatized by chapter 7 and the idea of chapter 9. but i get to write so many scenes that I am so excited for. like genuinely so excited for the upcoming chapters.

stats from feb:
total of words written: 10152
hours spend in despair: 30 hours
job applications send: about 100 /gen

Anyway, I will return either with an update, or next month. you may experience me.


Progress Update
1st April 2024

once again we gather here to figure out what I have been up to, what the future will be and recent past of the demo has been.

What I’ve been up to:

  • I have successfully written a bit over half of the update, or at least half the plot.
  • the major branching for this chapter has been almost completed, only a few scenes are missing before we return to meet back up all paths and finish the chapter.
  • additionally I have reached the 10k goal for march

What I will be up to:

  • I genuinely think chapter 8 will come out this month, I decided to not cut it into parts, BCS I believe it will be best enjoyed in one go.
  • I do want to rewrite a scene in chapter 8 already, but I will return to it after I finish the chapter, so it will be the last thing ill write before officially updating the demo.
  • obv I made another 10k goal, it has been a great motivator without feeling overwhelming.

Fun stats from march:

  • written 10151 words for chapter 8
  • there’s about 184 errors in the update, meaning I misspelled, or grammatically fucked up about every 55 words.
  • I spend about 15 hours writing in march

Thank you for being here and listening to me. As always, have a good day. or else…