Obsolete Stars (WIP)

Sounds like a you problem. I’m not gonna remove her BCS u don’t like her this week.
She’s one of the few characters that don’t have an ulterior motive to use you, and if her trying to help you come to terms with the situation is invalidating to you, refer to the first sentence.


That was supposed to be lighthearted. Sorry.

Update 16th Dec 2023
Content Update

would u look at that, the so far longest chapter, how fun. im tired but very excited for this.
the crimes you can commit in this chapter:

  • choke someone out
  • as always, cry
  • have many emotions constantly
  • find some secrets out
  • learn about war crime
  • (potentially) be chased down by a dog
  • the usual shenanigans.
Stats for nerds

Total words added: 12,4k
Avr words per play: 4,1k
Total readtime added: 50min
Avr read time per play: 16min

What now?

  • well theres a lot of plot coming your way
  • and i have to figure out the best way to do it
  • coding
  • writing

as always, if you find errors, bugs or anything, please let me know. Tell me what you thought of the chapter (mandatory /jk)


I’ve played through the demo and the game is reasonably well written. My biggest criticism is that it feels very rail roady and there do not seem to be any clear changes in the direction for the story dependent upon what choices you make. The decisions seem more like you ate clicking next slide. There is obviously nothing wrong with writing a visual novel if that is what you are going for.


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Thank you for the response!
I am aware that it feels rather railroady atm, and I will try my best to add more personality options in the coming chapters. This is just a first draft and I plan to go back in the future and add more options/responses/personality to each chapter.


Thanks for showing me this! I believe it should be fixed now


Pretty interesting, looking forward to seeing how it progresses. My only gripe is that Mikhail is so very, very short. I want to romance him the most (in theory, even though we haven’t seen much yet), but he’s just so small lol, don’t think it will work out.

Grammatically, there are a number of instances where a close quote mark is followed by a comma, the comma should always be inside the quotation.

Fun read and love a good arranged marriage trope.

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I’m very glad you enjoyed it so far. Thanks for the grammar tip!
Mikhail def is the shortest masc RO, being 5’7 makes him just below average, but give him a chance, he’s got a big personality.
Have a great day!

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Progress Update
1st Januar 2024

Happy New Year from my from my tiny city hut of death.
I hope everyone made it well into the next year. So what now?

Well, I didn’t make my 20k Goal, shocker but also we had Christmas between and also I have depression. But enough about me (blatant lie).
2024 is a very exciting and honestly scary year for me, I still hope to continuously keep writing and updating, with my usual goal of 20k to 15k a month (which I did make btw).
But now to OS, what I accomplished:

  • I wrote about 8,5k words into the new update
  • I figured all 3 Plot points out and have a vague idea of how I want to write them
  • I added more funny code for my own pleasure

What I still have to do/want to do:

  • I’m about 1 plot point in, so I really hope that I will keep this length for all 3 plot points
  • I’ve already had a lot of fun setting the different variables up, so I hope I won’t hate having to write them.
  • I really want to finish this chapter in January, but it might be late Jan or early Feb, looking at the stuff I have already written for this chapter.
  • I’m in general very excited for the next chapter, as we hit the really good plot stuff

But I don’t want to bore everyone to death. Have a safe new year and make sure to drink lots of water. We will see each other again, this is a threat <3


Content Update
12th Jan 2024

Well, well, well, would you look at this. its an update. its only part one of chapter seven. i decided to upload it in multiple parts. Anyway, what can you do?

  • explore riag with ur fiance
  • have many questions that will be answered
  • have fun or be grumpy

plans for the next update and whats going on:

  • I have the plot down I just need to write and code it
  • the reason why I haven’t is BCS I have been sick and other personal stuff happened that took me out of the mood to write
  • I wont force myself to write like this, but I did still feel bad for not being as far as I hoped I would
  • so to take off the feeling of being a useless writer, breaking and releasing it in parts just makes the most sense for my situation
Stats for nerds

Total words added: 11,6k
avr words per play: 10k
total read time added: 45min
avr read time per play: 40min

As always, thanks for reading, and feel free to report back to me.


I believe saves arent working

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u r right, bcs i forgot to add them back in, but they should be working now!


@Chichi I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet but at the beginning of chapter 6 towards the end of the first part there is a small issue. the “Page_break” is still there.

Screenshot 2024-01-12 175659

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Nice update! Looking forward to where this story goes!

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29th January 2024

warning u already such a rough update, most of my time was spend on variables, there’s not that much to read, but this update is driving me insane. i need to update or my brain explodes.
what can you do this chapter?

  • get married
  • that’s it
  • there’s a total 65 different scenes BCS I couldn’t hold back
  • everyone’s got an opinion these days

whats the battle plan?

  • I’m actually not done with chapter 7
  • I already cut a bunch of scenes out for this update
  • but no promise that I’ll write them in for the rest of the chapter
  • I really just NEED this part out so I can like
  • stop going insane
  • imma take a break til the 1st and then hopefully I have a fresh mind for part 3


Stats for nerds

Total words added: 6.9k
avg words per play: ~ 2k
total readtime added: ~ 25min
avg readtime per play: ~ 7min



progress update

1st feb 2024
(funnily enough I wrote this on the 30th Jan, had this scheduled for tumblr but forgot to throw it in here too, so we’re a few days late for this here)

like i wanted to do this year on every 1st of each month, we have a general progress update, what ive been up to, general stats, plans for the upcoming month, how the last month treated me and how i treated this game. lots of personal detail will happen.

january has been the least productive month yet, im trying to not let it get to me, i had to take lots of breaks, my bed literally broke down on me on the 1st and it took over 2 weeks to get the new bed to me. sleeping on the ground made writing so impossible bcs i got chronic pain flair ups, migraines as well as hip pain. it was agony. i did however cleaned my room and got a new bed and this change of paste was really welcome. now that i finally have an actual desk to write on again, I can look outside my window and watch the squirrels while i write, so beautiful. that does mean i didnt finish chapter 7 which is a bummer, but im trying to stay positive. i did publish part 2 in a more rough than usual state, just bcs i needed it out, i wouldve lost my mind if i didnt update it. I allowed myself to take a break from OS since the last update, bcs even if i didnt actively wrote most of jan, i still thought about OS and beat myself up for not writing. And i had some time to work on other things that I plan for the future, others stories i wanna tell some day (im not starting a new wip bcs i will literally never finish anything if i do), and also just, reading and drawing without thinking about OS too much. It were only a few days, but it was a much needed break, bcs since OS went officially online last May, there wasnt really a day where i didnt think about OS.

stats from Jan: I wrote a total of 8.477 words over the 8 days that i worked on this. That doesnt sound much, but its still about 1k words each day. obv the 8,5k words arent the 20k I set out to do in the beginning of January, but im just happy i did something.

The game is now over 70k words long (including code, i wrote that shit imma count it), i know its not as much as other ppls wips, but damn, it feels crazy to me, knowing i sat down, laptop on my lap (in my bed primarily) and just wrote that much in less than a year.

Plans for feb: for the love of god i need to get chapter 7 done. i also set the goal to 10k, since there are less days in february and i know that i might not get the time to write as i will be job hunting, yay. the goal will be adjusted in march depending on if and what job i get maybe. in general im pretty scared of february and march, bcs i will lose the financial aid and im not sure yet how the fuck will i finance myself, since moving back with my mom is a no. and i refuse to open a kofi or patreon. im very against earning money from my hobby and i hope i dont have to resort to it ever. (personal opinion)

Anyway, thanks for listening and lets hope that february will be a good month, ey


18th Feb 2024

i’ve done did it. i finally finished this godforsaken chapter. such a relief. and with the end of chapter 7, we come to the end of the first act. the halfway point, whatever u wanna call it. i keep publicly updating the demo for quite a lot more chapters, don’t worry. so what crimes can you commit?

  • look at pictures
  • get Kate to beat the shit out of someone
  • get answers.

yes that is it. and whats the plan for the next chapter?

  • start at least the code.
  • define all the minor plot points of next chapter
  • maybe even write? who knows?
  • I certainly don’t.

and as always

Stats for nerds

total words added: ~8,5k
words per play added: ~5k
total readtime added: ~30min
read time per play added: ~20min


I am surprised that this game is on IFDB! You don’t get that many WIPs on there.

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Tbf I did that myself, and I forgot about that until you just mentioned it