Novels with similarities to CoG

When I really enjoy something, I like to see more things like it. I really enjoyed reading Wayhaven Chronicles, and I was wondering if anyone knows any books (Not necessarily interactive) with characters similar to Mason/Morgan. But then I thought that it could also be a fun discussion to name novels that you would recommend that are similar to CoG/HG characters or plots that you enjoy. You can also name similar films, if you’d like, or really anything that reminds you of the CoG stories we know and love.

(Sorry if you already saw this question on Reddit. Someone suggested I ask it here.)


Ok, so. I don’t really read/watch romance outside of interactive books as for me the fun is all in throwing the poor character I created in there, BUT I still have some suggestions for you!

If you liked “Wayhaven Chronicles”, “The shadow society” is a pretty good game that, to me at least, gives off similar vibes. Try the route with A here. I think if you like Wayhaven you’ll find this one at the very least pretty interesting.

Then there’s “double cross”, (pretty underrated in my opinion) on the “hosted games” app, it has a character that’s very morally ambiguous as a RO so might as well check it out

there’s a few options in “The soul stone war” you might find interesting so I really recommend giving this one a shot ROs wise

Some, let’s say… “Intense” characters in “The samurai of Hyuga” series. they get introduced pretty slowly tho but it’s a good read!

One character that resembles M while still being their very own character is Daisy/Dandy from the “Evertree” saga. Correct me if I’m wrong but I do think they have a very similar… uhm, approach to things :slight_smile:

there are probably more but these are the ones that came to mind. M is a very complex character so I doubt there are going to be characters that are just like them, but still, I hope this helped!


Hey, it’s great to see you posted this here haha. I hope the post gets some traction and you get some good suggestions (I’ll be keeping an eye too lol).

I’ve remembered a YA book that’s about vampires you can check out. It’s called “The Coldest Girl in Cold Town”. It’s not the best book out there, but it’s the only book I know that remotely reminds me of stuff I read here.

The other response suggests some pretty good CoGs\Hogs too if you haven’t checked them out.

Happy reading :slight_smile:


I had a heart attack thinking this thread was gonna be something like “Has anyone ever tried writing a novel like a COG game?” and I am so relieved to find out I just have poor reading comprehension instead.

I’m not a big fiction reader (I prefer true crime and history), nor do I see a lot of TV and film these days, but I like playing interactive storytelling, so I have a few game recs.

The Sorcery! games by Inkle are great; they’re an adaptation of an old CYOA series. Immensely difficult for me, since I make poor choices in real life as well, but they’re a fun challenge. Never seen a game with as many variables as it has, but TLDR, you’re a sorcerer, and you’re trying to save the day.

Bioware games like Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age are all tons of fun. Usually in all these games, you’re a hero trying to save the world, and there’s love interests you can flirt with. If you want someone similar to Morgan/Mason, there’s no one quite exactly like them, but characters like Carth (KOTOR), Silk Fox (JE), Garrus (ME), Jack (ME), Thane (ME), Miranda (ME), Zevran (DA), Isabela (DA), Fenris (DA), and Dorian (DA) might tickle your fancies.

Wasn’t a game I personally enjoyed, but people I know like Gloryfall. I think there’s like a bisexual pirate you can flirt with.

If you don’t mind microtransactions, Choices by Pixelberry is an omnibus app geared towards romance. For Morgan/Masonesque characters specifically, I’d recommend the books Endless Summer (Jake and Estela), The Royal Romance (Drake), Bloodbound (Kamilah), Veil of Secrets (Flynn), A Courtesan of Rome (Marc Antony)(this one was written by a former Bioware writer!), Ride or Die (any of the three love interests), Nightbound (Nik), The Royal Masquerade (Kayden), Blades of Light and Shadow (tbh none of the love interests are very similar to M, but I just think it’s neat), Distant Shores (same as BOLAS), and Foreign Affairs (Blaine). Keep in mind I have not actually pursued many of these characters in my own playing, but I have friends who keep up with the app and told me about them.

I’d also recommend A Tale of Crowns, where you play a newfound royal and pursue one of four love interests.

If you enjoy visual novels, Andromeda Six is good, and free. I’d pursue the redhead or the goth guy if you want a character similar to M’s tropes.