Noob Needs Help - Getting "Script Error" No Matter What I Put In

Well lets start off with the fact that this is my first shot a coding EVER, like who thinks at 7:30pm "You know what? I think I’ll write myself a game? Apparently this gal! So I am sure it is my own misunderstandings at fault.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

The error I’m getting is: Script Error
But even if I put in the original example I get that along with "

is missing from index."

My little bit of code looks like this (WIP)~

*title Prism's Rebirth

*create purity 0
*create rage 0
*create darkness 0
*create justice 0

You open what you believe to be your eyes, to find only darkness. Slowly as your vision adjusts, 
and your physical being forms, you see small lights in the dark flickering like stars.
You notice each light is a different color. You can see blue, purple, yellow, re-. 
It's then you realize the red light seems to be headed straight for you. Fast. The light is terrifying, its blood-thirsty
rage seeping into the darkness like fallen ink from shaking hands. You must think fast. 

    As the red light comes closer you push your mind further into the dark
      #There is a green just light ahead, bathing you in a reassuring glow that seems so beautifully pure. 
        You dive into the strong and oh so comforting light.
        *set justice +5     
  #Go towards the far off lights in an attempt to lose whatever this thing was. Maybe it will leave you alone? 
    There is no outrunning it. Its so fast. You shudder as you look behind your shoulder. Its so close. 
      #Dive for the nearest light, the green one, its my only hope.
        You enter the light just as red inky tendril curls around your ankle.
        *set rage +5
      #Your fear overwhelms you and you shut your eyes, propelling yourself forward with all the might you have.
        A bright light overwhelms you and you fall. 
        *set purity +5
  #Let the red light consume you. Give in.
    But as the burning light comes near you find yourself filling with dread and your legs fleeing into the green light without hesitation. 
    *set darkness +5   

Sounds like you deleted something you shouldn’t have.
This thing helped me getting started:

I think you didn’t put the *author command, nor the *scene_list command. I think both of those are required.

It looks like you are using your “start up” file for writing. Start up files are used to get variables set up correctly, to establish the accessible “scenes” and to initiate your achievements.

Here are some further links that can help you get started:

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