Non-existent command


After getting my head around it, I finished the CS tutorial with no problem, even creating some of my own scenes and adding additional choices to the existing scenes and creating two new stats. However, with this new update, I followed the visual image posted by dan ( Using the *title only made my game no longer work. "line 1, non-existent command ‘title’ ".
Am I doing something wrong? I looked around the other topics and the wiki a little but couldn’t find anything specific. If there is one, please point me in the right direction.

Also, how do I make the stats non-percentile? I messed around a little but couldn’t quite get it to work.


The title is a new command, in the latest version of Choicescript (released like, today). That’s why you won’t have found any information on it.

It sounds to me like you’ve not actually downloaded the new version, do that here:

The *title command should work in the new .zip
You can copy and paste your scene files (and mygame.js if you’re not planning to use *create) to the new directory to port your game.


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Ah okay. I actually downloaded the old one today, and then saw that they put the new one up after. Thanks for that. Feel free to close this now.