No selectable Option?

It says there’s no selectable options even though I have like, 3 of them… Here’s the codes…

    *goto attack

    *goto defend

  *if (((affinity ="Fire")) and ((i >=2) and (fighter ="You")))
    #Use "Fireball"
      *set i -5
      *goto fireball1

  *if (((affinity ="Water")) and ((i >=2) and (fighter ="You")))
    #Use "Water Pulse"
      *set i -5
      *goto water_pulse1

  *if (((affinity ="Wind")) and ((i >=2) and (fighter ="You")))
    #Use "Wind Fan"
      *set i -5
      *goto wind_fan1

  *if (((affinity ="Earth")) and ((i >=2) and (fighter ="You")))
    #Use "Earth Shielder"
      *set i -5
      *goto earth_shielder1

  *if (((affinity ="Metal")) and ((i >=2) and (fighter ="You")))
    #Use "Blade Singer"
      *set i -5
      *goto blade_singer1

  *if (((heal ="Yes")) and ((i >=3) and (fighter ="You")))
      *set i -3
      *goto heal1
    #Heal ${support}
      *set i -3
      *goto heal_support

  *if ((fighter ="Raven") and (raven_mana >=3))
    #Use "Gravity Kick"
      *set raven_mana -3
      *goto raven_gravity

  *if ((fighter ="Jasmine") and (jasmine_mana >=3))
    #Use "Aqua Burst"
      *goto jasmine_aqua

  *if ((fighter ="Lucy") and (lucy_mana >=2))
    #Use "Boulder Bash"
      *goto lucy_boulder

  *if ((fighter ="Castor") and (castor_mana >=2))
    #Use "Shine"
      *goto castor_shine

  #Check HP
      percent fighter_hp ${fighter}
      percent support_hp ${support}
      percent marth_hp General Marth
    *set jasmine_turn -1
    *set raven_turn -1
    *set lucy_turn -1
    *set aria_turn -1
    *set castor_turn -1
    *set you_turn -1 

*goto after_support

Please help!

Sorry, I put it under “Affairs of the court” instead of “Choicescript help”

Edit: Nevermind XD

If you use *selectable_if instead of *if, it should fix the problem.


It should be a *choice, not a *fake_choice - you’re using *goto. Aside from that it looks fine to me.

You *might* find you need to separate *ifs for your two heal options.