"No Death" Bonus Points spoils my enjoyment

This post has been answered. Thank you Dark_Lord_Vul, Frogs, and Jacic.

Sorry that I got the two companies mixed up. I’ll stick to Choice of Games from now on since the Delight Games has that death mechanic that upsets me. Thank you again for explaining the mistake.

Original Post:
I really enjoy CyoA books and now Choice of ______ games. I just picked them up again and remembered what made me stop. There is a reward for never dying in a story when points are counted. This spoiled my first play through of these games because I wanted to find the highest score, but this mechanism meant I couldn’t reliably do it without looking online for a walkthrough. This took away the point and removed the fun, so I stopped for several years.

I stayed playing again without looking up the story before hand, and I ran into an instant death. I’m not as upset that I died, but that the best score is forever denied to me now. It angered me so much that I’m writing to ask this forum and the developers if this “No Death” bonus can be removed from the score. Could it be made into an achievement instead?

Please let me know what you all think.

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