Newbie Questions

Heey guys! I have a few questions I couldn’t find the answers too in the guide/wiki, so maybe I’m blind (and then I apologize for that) or maybe it isn’t there :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways, these are my questions:

  1. Can I make seperate folders within the scenes folder? I want to do this to create so order, so I can easily see how I put everything together. Now it is just sitting there.

  2. Can I delete the other files in the scenes folder? I know I need the stat one, but do I need the other ones? Or are they just for show/help?

  3. I read in the guide that you need to put the variables at the beginning of the startup file. Does that mean ALL of the variables, or just the ones I use in the file? And if I make a new variable in a different file, do I also need to put it there? Can I just make a extra file with all the variables and don’t put them in the startup file? How exactly does this work? It really confuses me :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately Choicescript would not recognize any subfolders within the game folder, accept the image folder. As for deleting the other scene files, the only files Choicescript absolutely has to have is startup.txt and choicescript_stats.txt. The others are purely to serve as example scenes and you can delete them if you want. And as for the variables, any *create command absolutely has to go at the beginning of startup otherwise Choicescript won’t recognize them. There may be a programming reason for this, but I know it also helps keep them organized so that you don’t have to go hunting for them later. It should be noted that *temp commands can be used anywhere, which makes them rather handy, but being temporary they’re only good until you change to a different scene file, after which any reference to that *temp will return an error.

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Short answer version:

  1. No. (If you really need to organize, I recommend you build it into your file name structure.)

  2. Yes you can delete them. All you need is the stats txt and startup. All other scenes are defined in the startup scene now.

  3. All variables need to be included in startup. You can (no longer) *create variables outside of startup.txt.

Just a addendum to the third.

You can create temp variables wherever you like. but they will wash away as you leave the scene they were created. (although i don’t know if that happens in *gosub commands)