New to Writing in ChoiceScript (Need Some Help)


Hey, I am new to writing in ChoiceScript, and I would love to start writing a CYOA game. I have a plot idea, and I hope people are interested in what I come up with, but I’m having difficulties using ChoiceScript. The *choice command seems to be easy enough, but I had wrote a startup page, yet when I opened it again, it was back to the old game template, I guess it didn’t save, so I lost all my work. Can anyone give me helpful advice for writing in ChoiceScript? The “Intro to ChoiceScript” post isn’t doing much for me, so I would love for some better, actual help to help me get going so I can write this through. If you’re knowledgeable about this topic, please comment, and if you want to know the story then ask and I’ll tell you


Have you looked at


I’ve looked at the one on COG, but I just don’t find it too helpful. The wiki tutorial seems helpful so far! And Lglasser’s tutorial I don’t know about yet, but thanks for your help! I will look into this more