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Just curious if it is possible to add a new stat later into a game. when i try to create a new stat it says it can only be done in the startup file. but i dont want it to be shown until you make the choice that creates the stat. i.e. become a wizard and gain magic stat.

You can.
Just code *create magic 0 and never mention them until you need to get it to show up.

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thanks i thought i had tried that. so when i get to the choice that creates the skill how do i set it to show the skill in the stats?

In its simplest form, the code would look like this

*if magic > 0
      percent Magic

Of course, this wouldn’t work if you still want [Magic] to show up at zero, or maybe in the case of a non-mage gaining magic stat.

A more “secure” alternative would be

*if job = "mage"
      percent Magic

ugh sorry im still learning all this coding and how it works. is there by chance videos on youtube i can watch in my free time?

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I think I remember one vid everyone would suggest, but the name escapes me. Try searching it in YT, it has caricature of a man with glasses as its thumbnail.

Otherwise, try these
Beginner’s master list


Hey bro. There was a guy looking 4 writers in the Interest Checking thread. He said he was good with code but was having some kind of block or whatever.

maybe he could help you with the details you still didn’t grasp?

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ill check it out nahim thanks and i found a program with a lot of tutorials and info called choicescript IDE but ill check out those videos as well szaal


Choicescript IDE? I write my ones in it!

It’s an amazing tool. You can run and test anything direct from you Dropbox (browser version) or your PC (PC version) minus *image.

I usually have two of the same projects at the same time. One is the “stable” version, the other is were I write new chapters/ test new things before copy and paste in the other!

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