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Hey! If you want to check it out, my new interactive fiction prologue is out! Go to to see it! Also, give me feedback at my Twitter, @brandonlessard9, or my Choice of Games feedback page:…. Also, my email is Thank u!


Title? Genre? Synopsis?

I mean c’mon man, I see that you haven’t been there for long, but a short summary of what this is about is the strict minimum.


Yeah, the demo seems pretty decent even though I had to go in blind…just work on the summary man


I… have some concerns.

With the entire concept in general.

I love space. I have two space related tattoos, and two working orreries. I may not have any formal education in astronomy or astrophysics. But it’s a hobby I’m passionate about.

And if planets orbits were changing, everyone on earth would be dead long before there was any collisions. Tides would be disrupted and cause worldwide tsunamis, if the speed of Earth’s rotation or orbit were effected, you’d literally have buildings and people collapsing in on themselves.

I can suspend disbelief some but. You’re asking A LOT here.

You could reach the same effect with frequent meteor showers causing people to go into preppers mode. Then actual collisions of meteors causing the effects.

On that note, meteor impacts can cause craters over 50 times their size.


Wait… Martha is 32… and her oldest kid is 22…



What can I say, Martha was a busy 10 year old?

okay that was a joke, but just saying it made me cringe, i sure as hell hope martha’s age changes to (at least) 42 or something

Or maybe at least say they were adopted as teenagers

If you don’t want immediate apocalypse, forget about planetary alignment completely.

Meteoroids mostly burn up in the atmosphere, but depending on composition, could interfere with radio and satellite signals. This is where you can be a bit creative. Alien space rocks! Who knows what they’re made of!

Most meteoroids that make it to Earth are basically space dust. They make it because they can slow down enough to not burn up. A few larger ones could make it to Earth, but “large” could be anywhere from half a metre to 100 metres. Anything bigger is an asteroid. I wouldn’t recommend going that big otherwise your crators could be 3-5 km wide.

Short answer: no.
To disrupt something from it’s orbit, you’d need another object of roughly the same size and mass to hit it. To remove something entirely from orbit, you’d need that to happen from the exact opposite direction moving at at least the same speed the object being hit is currently traveling.

That said, it’s not impossible for this to happen. There are objects in space moving outside of the orbit of any other objects, either due to sheer mass, or by being fast enough to be within escape velocity of any other objects it encounters. Presently, the escape velocity of the sun is a blistering 618. km/sec, or 1381600.8 mph.

Now, obviously, if something had enough mass to rival the sun it’d have to at the very least be another star. And if another star with enough mass to rival the sun ever came close enough to influence the orbit of the planets in our solar system, we’d most likely be boned pretty quickly simply by proximity (there could be some trading of planets though, which is cool). Regardless, it’d be havoc all over, and we’d probably not survive.

Now, if there was say, another planet sized object that happened to rocket into our solar system (which is incredibly unlikely, but this is hypothetical, so who cares), and it happened to collide with another object of the same size and mass, let’s say… Venus, the resulting collision could knock the planet out of orbit. That said, the resulting collision would also create so much kinetic energy it would probably turn both objects into balls of molten rock, but some (small) pieces could be broken off and thrown out into space.

However, if any of those collided with Earth, things would be bad. If a rock about half a mile wide were to hit earth, the resulting impact would be about equal to the detonation of 100 billion tons of TNT. That would probably cause widespread earthquakes.
Presently, scientists believe that the rock that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs was somewhere around 7-9 miles wide, so a rock that size hitting Earth would bring about another mass extinction level event, literally engulfing the sky in ash, as well as igniting fires and heating the atmosphere. This would probably kill just about everything, though some stragglers could still survive.
At around 30 miles wide (about the size of Rhode Island), the energy from the impact would be about enough to literally vaporize all life and boil the top few layers of the ocean. Obviously, nothing would have even a remote chance of surviving this.

SO. If you’re looking to break off a chunk of Venus and have it crash into Earth without wiping out all life, but still causing damage, you’d probably be looking for something within the 1-3 mile range, and Venus would need to be hit by an object about the same size and mass as Venus itself.

The more you know.

I spent altogether far too much time reading about all of this. It’s been 3 hours. Please send help.


Love post apocalyptic stories!(and zombies :zombie:‍♂) plus I love the space aspect. Very original. Keep up the good work!!

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The demo was very interesting I can’t wait to see more.

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