New Life [WIP]

I’ve begun work on my new game New Life.

Play as an immortal that revives after each death.

You have died three times, the last of which at the hands of those you called your friends and family, and now the time has come to start a new one, in a new body, a new place, a new era, a life filled with unfamiliar things, strangers to greet, some old faces that bring troubles with them.

Will you be swept by the grudges of old and fight your way for revenge, perhaps, this new life might bring you peace or will you fall victim to the awaiting tragedy?

Currently it has 42k words and this will be a standalone game.

English isn’t my first language, it’d appreciate it if you could point out mistakes made and whether the sentences flow well.

To play the demo, go here: Demo

You can reach me in Tumblr here : Tumblr
For more information on the ROs : Romance

Update 27/05/2023
New life has been updated until chapter 2, a total of 22k words in this update, there’s some minor changes to Riell’s character but nothing too big.

The demo is now 42k words, and it’s until chapter 2.


Can you change sminit mygame to the game’s name so saves dont mix

add blonde hair? :pray:

It’s a good start. I enjoyed it even though there wasn’t much there. Could tell u us a bit more about the ro’s?

I really liked it

When i choose eye color red it says “my red stares back at me”
Also a little bit more info about the plot and and characters?

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I have changed it, do tell if it still mixes

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noted, will add it in

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Ooh this game seems to have potential, a classic revenge story never goes old. I will say that for your first game having 7 romance interests is OVERKILL and will negatively impact your story and development, stick to 2-4 for your first game and make sure the characters somehow fits into your story for eg “your enemy from the past” or “your current rival” or “the bestfriend” or something.

Also will the story be action drama focused with romance? what are the main genres you’re going for?

Maybe a villain story?


My name is Gabirel Winter, I hate a lot of things and I dont particulary like anything what I have is not a dream because I WILL make it a reality I will restore my family and kill a select few people.

Props if you get the reference and I really like the demo I didn’t notice any spelling mistakes and if It wasn’t obvious I want revenge

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I really like it so far, and it definitely has a lot of potential with a great plot and interesting characters! Good luck on your writing/coding journey!

The main genre is action and there will be romance, though, for now I don’t have any plans to change the ROs

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An action story, even better yet I love those. Good luck though, 7 romance interests is hard to juggle through and a lot of WIPs recently have been putting out games with a lot of romance interests and gotten criticism for it.

Keep up the good work

I love the demo so far will be looking forward for the next updates

Oh this is cool~ I look forward to more updates :blue_heart:

Oooooh so much interesting. Specially the ending.

I’m curious about the background of the new body. Will we have to investigate as detective ? Ah, ah.

And I don’t know why but I think the elders have links with our dear old ennemies.

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