New Hosted Game! "Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven: Part Three" by Jim Dattilo

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Same!! I contacted choice of games support and am hoping they get back to me soon

April Patch Notes!

  • Bug fixes.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) now shows up in the challenges section of the stat menu.
  • Additional balance changes to morale and allegiance changes between chapters.
  • Kevin now shows up on the survivor summary task list.
  • In chapter 12, you can now speak with Tommy at the tavern if he is not in your group and is still alive.

Chapter 3 is good if you’re leader since Jaime and Racheal seem to be bad at it and don’t really build anything

This may sound weird but can the mc scientist evil learn to control the Zeta Virus like Albert Wesker

Patch pushed today!

  • Fixed a bug in which the farm plot is not getting accurate food production.
  • Added more details to the list of Scripted Deaths.
  • Fixed text and issue with Kelly as an RO.
  • Some group members were not adding to the calculation for the number of items to scavenge. This has been fixed.
  • In chapter 11, lowered the difficulty of fighting zombies in the lower level of Lancelot.
  • Fixed an issue with a character from Part 2 appearing in part 3 even when he’s dead.

Why can’t I stop laughing at the thought of someone coming back from the dead the wrong way during the zombie apocalypse.


Low-key sad about that being fixed lol.