New Hosted Game! "Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two" by Mishka Jenkins

I guess I can see how he can read that way, but to me Douglas came off as a a lovesick puppy that’s not to be taken seriously. I don’t know if It’s an age thing, but it reminded me more of a five year old who’s convinced that he wants to marry his favorite teacher… or something similar to that.


So far I did a few playthroughs…tried all 4 romances…It’s been a blast…it’s worth waiting for this… Anyhow is it possible to romance Tina or Bobby?

Nope. The ROs are only four:A, N, F and M. There will be no additional ROs which was confirmed by the author.


Thank god I’m not the only one! :joy: I was enjoying that sweet sweet love triangle full of angst and pain but then Falk came outta nowhere and made me swoon. His skin, his hair, his eyes, his regal demeanour, his extraordinarily fancy wardrobe and his magical throne (which is apparently more comfortable than you would think) got me like :heart_eyes: YES KING, TAKE ME. Why does Sera has to do me dirty and make him flirt with me when I can’t have him :sob:. Is this a punishment? For making A suffer? But honestly, isn’t the wait we have to endure till Book 3’s release enough of a punishment?

I think I need some more playthroughs to get over this ;-;


Can we kiss Ava at the end in Ava’s route?

Same here…but a few thousand more playthroughs should make the wait more bearable?

I’ve just finished the game. OMG!! :star_struck:

This sequel is way better than Book 1. During my playthroughs I felt the choices were more difficult to make than the previous game.

The development of the LI were breathtaking and wonderful.

TOP Love Interest

Book 1: Ava > Nat > Morgan > Farah
Book 2: Morgan > Ava > Farah > Nat

I can’t wait to play the next game :heart_eyes:
A masterpiece, @Seraphinite

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I am overwhelmed with how amazing this was!! There was so much evolution in the characters that really surprised me!! I have always been afraid to post on here, but I felt like I was bursting with opinions, thoughts, and emotions!!
( I hope I did my spoilers right)

M spoilers


I have always been intrigued by Ms route, but figured that it would take a few more games before I felt strongly about it…BUT holy crap this was soooo good. M was near the bottom of my list, but now M is my favorite by a huge amount!!! It was so beautifully done. I also was blown away on how Ms friendship route turned out. So well done. Hearing Ms story and getting to know Ms personality really made me love M! OH and the fortune had me reeling. So good!

A spoilers


was always my favorite (until book 2 M) I felt like I could actually understand As hesitance! The part about his being numb for so long, wow. Well written. It was so heart wrenching, and the fireworks scene at the end was swoon worthy for me.

N spoilers


Ns route was sweet and a great light experience. I felt loved and there was no stress. I kind of felt like I needed that after A, LT, and M haha

F spoilers


It was also very sweet and cute, and it was nice how easy it was. It does feel a bit too young for me, but I really did enjoy Fs openness and vulnerability. I thought it was a nice touch to feel like I was able to be a hero. With the others I felt like I had to save sanja, but with F I needed to save F. I felt F needed that. It was a nice change of pace.

LT spoilers


This was great. So much angst and my poor heart. I started to feel soo bad for A. It really drew me to A even more that I wanted to end the LT. When A talked about not being enough and how perfect N was for me. Wow. So hard not just say I CHOOSE YOU! You are more than enough!!! I also felt bad, because A stole my heart and I felt like I was leading sweet N on.

Mom question Maybe I am misinterpreting it, but at the end she seemed to give approval on all the routes, except A. Is this how y’all interpreted it?


I don’t remember her being super approving of F. I really enjoyed his response to her about every time they kiss the detective doesn’t break, they smile.

Yeah that is true she didn’t approve at first, but then F said that adorable thing. I think she apologised to F and said she hopes they are both happy together. Something along those lines. It was a super cute interaction :slight_smile: I thought her reaction to M was super cute too!
I kinda felt bad for A in that regard. I wonder why she felt that way.

Well first off, I’d like to congratulate Mishka for another great release!

Just like Book 1, the different scenes we get with the RO’s depending on the RO (unique) themselves was beyond amazing. The choices that were given to the MC to the control the situation the way the player would like is too great! Also, because of the different choices to choose from that may bring different scenarios, reactions, diaologue etc, the playability in this one is straight up incredible! (I currently have 4 N playthroughs and I don’t think I’m done there yet lol)

Many more I enjoyed from this book but I feel it’ll be too long haha. Well, thank you Mishka for all the hard work you put into this! Can’t wait for what else is in store for us in Book 3

What is Dragoon saga?

Sabre of Infinity, Guns of Infinity and (demo) Lords of Infinity by Paul Cataphrak. You can buy the first two, the third are still being worked on. Discussion about the Dragoon Saga is on anothee thread.

This new book was definitely worth the wait! I’ve been waiting for book 2 to come out since the fireworks popped for the new year, and dang… I was not disappointed.

Can’t wait for book 3’s demo!

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Spoilers question:Has anyone been able to save Sanja if you choose to save RO, I went code diving and it seems possible, there is tags present and different epilogue but I still haven’t been able to.

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This was really good! Congratulations!! Also the love triangle route was so intense. Jesus so much angst!! It was almost painful to read throught wew

I saw a comment from spunkycatninja that said this was possible if you didn’t agree to the blood tests in book 1


I am finally thinking of romancing the other characters. Just to fill the void while I am waiting. :sweat_smile:

Sabres of Infinity, Guns of Infinity, and the third one I think is called Lords of Infinity (which hasn’t been released yet).

Credit where it’s due, Sara’s character writing is top notch and it carries the series. I played through the 4 ROs (in Books 1 & 2) this weekend and it was a great unwind from a rough week.

I don’t think the “antagonist” was as good as Murphy but I think someone said the book spent more time building up the rest of the series.

While Nat is still my favorite, I need someone to bottle up the Farah romance. It’s so pure! The other 2 were pretty good in their own rights as well, so nothing “sucks.”

The only character I didn’t like was hero worshipping Douglas. However, with the choices as they were given I think things can change in the future.

Congrats on the release and I look forward to the next installment.