New Hosted Game! "The War for the West" by Lucas Zaper

I think you need High Social for that to happen. At least that’s what make it work in my playthrough

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Dulsen: Tell him that you’re the best person to deal with the abyssal spawn (you had to kill one first), then say that nobody will follow him if he doesn’t lead in battle or that you need full control. Then offer to make him your minister.

Avellyn: Follow her and accept to make a new religion (if it wasn’t made already) or if you already convinced Dulsen, she’ll vote for you anyway.

Sessanah: Offer her independence if you’re crowned.

None of this really changes anything though besides some dialogue and what’s described.


Thank you

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Sorry, if this has been asked earlier, but what happens if instead of making an armor, we try to bring the beast back to life?

I don’t quite recall, but I believe things go wrong and people end up dying and the monster ends up dying again I’m not sure though. Hopefully someone else replies with more information.

You could also do another playthrough and save it before you make the decision.

If you do that, someone will destroy the place where the experiment is being done. It is not worth it.


Wow of the best games definitely left me wanting more I wonder if the author in any future will work on any sequel

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Yes! He currently is working on a sequel called Wake of the Wyrm. He also has a discord server where there are links to FAQ’s, achievement guides, and Patreon updates if you’re subscribed. The invite code for the server is:



@Norilinde Do you know how to give Vrdanir the ancient sword as a gift ? or just how to initiate his RO route in general ? I bought the sword but I don’t know how to give it away.


Go to talk whit your council and selec vrdanir, if you have the ancient sword an option should appear to give it to him
the other romantic scene with him appears if you attack the rebels in the swamps


Do not go the swamp that is only way for the ruler of the swamp to give you her vote and take action into your hands and explain your plan to the other rulers at the meeting and I don’t think she will give you the vote if you enter her Kingdom I still don’t why maybe it was a test
So date vradnir if you are willing to let go of this vote

Regarding Jenneth: Is there no other way to prevent her suicide after defeating the Triple Chalice Chaps, as a male character, than to have a Social skill of at least 60?

Side note: Is there also a way for Sir Bob, Tull, and Ganbert to survive to the end? For me they seem to die when fighting the Abyssal Monster (with the exception of Tull) and at the final battle. Also related, how long can you delay going to Sielcner’s parlay, usually by the time he sends the invitation, I haven’t gone through all of the Court events yet.

Side-Side note: Why does it take a full day to play Cardeed now? I remember it not taking the whole day when I played it back then.

I have seen 2 ways of how bob and tull survive

  1. Well you can go and figth the abyssal monster without them in that case nameless soldiers will die but not them.

  2. Bob is the only one in real danger since the monster grab him so cut him free .