New Hosted Game! "The War for the West" by Lucas Zaper

Save&Load on the hold court events. The prince arrives with the hold court events.


Thanks, I’ll try it later

so the author still writing the sequel but no demo yet??? thanks for the info i thought the author left the game and created a different game. like so many author here in cog


So, do we have any indication on what religion might be closet to reality here? From everything I read I’m wondering if there’s something to the different religions types, including the make your own one.


Bruhhh you asking a dangerous question forget reality just choose what kind of religion you wanna make, the author have given us options to make our own religion if you are trying to make one realistic then you can try but you will have to say goodbye to same sex marriage because I don’t think same sex marriage at the time was the end goal all religions were looking forward to and the closest to mind of realistic religion you are asking for would be Christianity because of the way the story is moving you are practically jesus who have to save the world from their sins aka aliens or demons and the other one that comes to mind will be Hinduism, it would make sense if you add the option of choosing many gods to form a pantheon and finally you can try Chinese folklore religion for some reason some where in the story it is reminding me of sun wukong I don’t know I think got the nostalgia when thinking about my mc who have never lost a fight

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Hello I just want to know if there’s news about the second book. All I know is the possible prologue in the story.


Hello , apologies if there’s a mistake , not a native-speaker.
I’m wondering something…
First of all , amazing writing , so many things you can do , Awesome story, …

Question , we know that the author said he’s working on all branches of the story and all endings for the sequel , I was wondering if it also includes

the oracle ending. Specifically where you don’t have an heir. I’m asking cuz the text kinda suggests that this is it for mc…

Again , amazing story , can’t wait for the sequel.


How do you run away from rebellion for the forgotten one achievemnt? Because i dont have that choice whenever rebellion happened

Edit : nvm i already got it

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I am sorry again for misreading the question but I think understand what you mean now honestly I don’t think there is a route to take in that path, ok you remember how you meet the wise man in the tower during the royal meeting, well consider your body similar to that man which is broken and a wreck even if you eventually escape is already over, your body have suffered untold abuse physically and psychological and even if you escape which your so called sister says she will do which is a lie and will never happen because she is one of the triple chalice who made their own prophecy and brought it into reality she is not gonna give it up, she also said it herself that she believed in Daedros vision and if you escape what then you have no kingdom or allies, this one of the endings that I seriously think needs a child because you are just a Oracle who predicts the future and have been weakened over the years, with a child the Mc for part 1 can atleast be saved and teach you how to read the future in part 2 and for everyone sake this is just my imagination and perspective no spoilers


Hey , thanks tor the reply.

I don’t remember jenneth saying she’ll save you or help you escape (in the oracle ending) she does it when you win the fight at the summit.I Also don’t remember her saying she believes in Daedros vision (can you point it out?) , if anything I’d say she’s not with the Triple Chalice 100% , because from what i remember she insisted on keeping mc alive
(for whatever reason) even when they wanted mc dead.

I personally think it could be a good opportunity to create a scarred and vengeful mc , maybe we can escape somehow and create our own underground group fighting against Triple Chalice or start a civil war with Daedros to get our kingdom back.

One of the reasons I asked about the oracle ending is because from what i remember it’s the only one where mc finds out about jenneth being the sister and all , so i think it should be considered an important ending.


Actually Jenneth did say she will maybe save us at the part when we defeat the triple chalice when you question why did she wanted us to lose but her definition of save is not one I will ever trust and she is well 50 percent on your side if you defeat the triple chalice and 50 percent on they side if the triple chalice win, so Jenneth is basically on any side that wins which is pretty scary for a spymaster to go this far and to make a scarred/vengeful mc for part 2 will be cool and all but as I said before if you go the oracle part the triple chalice will weaken you making the mc of part 1 only good for future vision and commanding through the voice, the mc will have to give up battling physically and think strategically and even if you wanted a group of freedom fighters I don’t think they will exist depending on the lies of Daedros and how the mc was well received during their reign @Scott_1727


How do you create your own religion?

Method 1) you kill the being that fell with the star and give it’s body to the inquistor, go to Ehael to visit the santicief and convince them that you are not the choosen one of the prophecy, you will then have the option to discuss what happened in your council

Method 2) See council in Farhall and go with the Farhall lady, agree that you should create a new religion

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Coming a bit behind playing it in my mental breathing and break times. I liked the authors effort to have randomized court events, like paradox strategies or board games. It gives a sandbox type feeling.

Besides it gives some ideas to me for my other genre developing in my mind. (Rest assured I won’t start a new wip before updating the long delayed one)

It feels nice, also want to keep reading. I had some other titles from cog took some effort to dive into, but this is nice.

I don’t know what’s the status with sequel but the methodology author created gives him space to provide nice ones like dlc’s ^^

additional notes: by mistake reset it so starting again - but what buzz me is, I have some decisions on court days that should activate the neighbour kingdoms, like shooting star, giving asylum to another courts’ member etc - they seem to be forgotten - I guess random court events do not have mechanics to tie them to future scenes mostly.
only the swamp issue remembered .

below is spoiler part related with structure of the writing

also I have no idea why [spoiler]nada is assasinating me somedays, sometimes I choose a court day and the assasination attempt disappears - also no need to tell I shared some wine with her in my recovery, she disappeared after that - I expected a pregnancy and bastard child scenario rather than a blade to ribs :slight_smile:
solved: negative balance for few times gets you assasinated - and in the ending phase I had that bastard child option.

below are somewhat solved in the end game too - just if the randomization happens early they hang in the air :
same goes with sielcnec dynasty - I am telling him I have the blood – he is saying ok no problem just be my vassal :slight_smile: guess he will try to kill me anyway.

also I tried recruiting swamp rebels but twin sister in my court is nowhere to be seen to take her help on the matter - I still couldn’t hire the rebels but it’s fine.

Ending Battle: Castle walls fortified before:: I happened to do fight better on the open field after mobilization with my 3k + %5 - %10 troops - waiting, raining arrows, raining fire arrows to them and having 100 units sneaking backliens was much more efficient than waiting in the castle and siege.
I have Dullis Dynasty running to aid for their daughter and alliance for sure - decided her when spies said her brother is occupied without heirs - but sure interested on northener wifes for their abilities.
Besides gravemarker I didn’t have much option than waiting in so felt it is bit boring. Got the sielc lord killed in both ending plays - (combat : over 55 or around 60 I guess, knowledge barely over 40)

Also having 300 men at arms + 100 archers send to King’s Ending is enough to defend my major port - than having my treasurer there as lord is rewarding

I became king after the tower - tried to save spymaster but she became suicidal and throws herself to my blade -

I will check from my save than also restart for another path later , besides it was joyfull.
If we had more clash options like a campaing - more like ending battle few times it will be indeed more fun.
Obrigado @MahatmaDagon ^^


Hi, I know I’m answering this late but you can stop her from suicide.

1: have sex with her at one of the opportunities. One is when you manage to lie to noyedas that you are on his side (high social level) and travel with him to dulles, jannet will visit you during the night, reply that you need her. There’s another way to have sex with her without lying to noyedas and travel to dulles , but I don’t remember

2 :during the summary that takes place before the meeting between the lords of the west, you will have the option to answer if you continue to have an affair with her, answer yes.

3:when you win the fight against the three at the end (high combat level)and she tells you the truth, give the romantic answers and you will have a happy ending with her


Besides sex, you can still save the spymaster and is just to tell her to leave and that is all, I don’t remember her throwing herself at us dieing when did that one happen?

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I’m playing the game again after years and I’m wondering why the stat massage this place is not a place of honour is still a thing?

The author of this game Lucas Zaper has dropped a playable small demo of this game’s sequeal Wake Of The Wyrm on his Patreon titled ‘Rude Awakening’.

It is currently free right now so if you guys want to check that out you can.


Because the bug is still there. It only happens to a few people, and it only happens when playing on mobile, but it can break the game for those players, so I figured it was better to keep the warning.

Now, it would be better if the bug was fixed so we didn’t need a warning in the first place, but it’s not so easy. I can’t reproduce the bug (because it never happened to me), and even if I had any idea what is causing it (I don’t, I just know it happens to people who go to the Show Stats menu), I can’t keep testing solutions.

It’s not that I don’t want to. I’ve tried many times in the past. But every time I send an update to the
Google Play store, two things happen. First, all players lose their saves. It’s the nature of the game. Updates make it so the game restarts. Second, I have to bother the CoG staff so they push the update for me.

But those are okay when done sparsely, right? The problem is that to fix a bug like that, it would have to happen all the time. Iteration upon iteration of trial and error. And remember, I don’t know what’s causing it. So I’d have to keep making wild guesses, having players lose their saves, and asking the editors to push the updates for me all the time.

Now, even assuming the things I mentioned aren’t problems, here’s the nail in the coffin: remember when I said I can’t reproduce the bug? I’d have to ask players to test it for me, and these players need to be people that are playing the right version of the game and that have experienced this bug previously.

I tried those things a bunch of times in the past, but it never worked. Even when people told me that they were not getting the bug anymore and I think it might have finally gone away, eventually someone appears saying they’ve experienced it.

Long story short, that’s why I’ll avoid using a Show Stats button in the sequel.


@MahatmaDagon Hello , I hope you’re having a good day. War for the west is one of my favorite books ever! So thank you for creating such a masterpiece. I have a question…

Will there be a path for the Oracle ending? I asked this before and got some responses that would suggest a “no” , but I mean… It’s an important ending isn’t it? So yeah I’m just wondering if there is one.