New Hosted Game! "The War for the West" by Lucas Zaper

yeah but she knew already so she still sleeps with MC but MC didn’t know


During the end when ur fighting her and that other guy you should surrender

You can find out she is your sister when the king invites you over to his palace and I think she kills king and after that we’ll become a oracle/prisoner for your sister and the group

Huh never knew there was another way I just accepted the king’s invite after that family fight with our cousin

oh yes that guy who invade us he is related to the MC too i forgot. I thought you meant other cousin (W something). Anyway, these are two ways i found on Reddit, but there’s another that I will just test someone on reddit told me that instead of asking your spymaster to looking into the letter regarding ur mom. Ask ur cousin instead.


I need help after accepting the invitation is there a way to make him give me crown

The king will always be assassinated, and the TC will always kidnap you. Once you accept Meinstrel’s invitation, you lose.

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Wow I was going nuts trying different options for the king to just give me crown :sob:

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Or maybe you’re playing the long game… :smiling_imp:


Been a while since I played this, and I’m thinking of jumping back in. Quick question though, during the big vote for King in the endgame, does me winning work out in my favour? Last time I played I got everyone to agree to vote for me, so I voted for my father-in-lore so as not to look over ambitious, only for everyone else to vote for him, because I misunderstood our deals meant lol. Then everything went to hell. I guess the question I’m asking is, does it all go to hell if I’m voted as King? I stopped playing here last time due to being annoyed at my own fumble.

Also, I thought I read something about a sequel? Is that still happening?

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  1. everything goes to hell during the vote regardless of what happens.

  2. Yes there is a sequel in the works.

No, that's not true.

Our MC can save everyone during the voting and can prevent it from turning into hell because they literally have the power to see in future.

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Yes but to get to that point it has to go to hell in the first point I just didn’t go in depth which is my fault for that

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So, if I’m understanding correctly, I need to get the scene where the Triple Chalice kills everyone but regardless, and then I get a in-universe do-over?

You have to die for it though on the summit .
Then you will go “back in time” or “it was all a very detailed dream” then it will be like a new game plus in which you can alter some elements of finale in your favour .

Oh, so it goes right back to the beginning? Is it during this second run that you find out your Spymaster is your sister?

Its been a while since i played so i dont remember it exactly , but it goes a long way back either almost at start or before your visit to swamps , sorry i dont remember this part well.
And yes you can pretty much connect the dots about jenna being your half sister in this part . Jenna knew about this all along btw , being your half sibling that is


Ah, I see. Thank you.


I have been curious about something when is time for us to start our own religion and one of the dogmas that state no one must worship other religions so how do we convince our northern wife that speaks to ghost and who savagely shut down our priest saying that she will not convert or do we have to kill her this is one heck of a question on my mind and I just don’t want to that

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How the hell did you get everyone to vote for you, I never can