New Hosted Game! "The War for the West" by Lucas Zaper

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How to get Confession of Daedros?
There is a chapter named daedros confession in codes, in which our MC has a conversation with daedros,and was able to save all the nobles.
I played the game many times but I never got it.

You have to “die” at the summit first. If your combat skill is too high, I think bringing Vradnir along and letting him kill Sartham then fighting Daedros on your own and picking “fight defensively” will always “kill” you. Then you need a high social or knowledge stat to answer the question.
When you wake up, you’ll eventually get options on who to warn of the betrayal. Don’t try to warn Sessanah or Dulsen either warn Avellyn or nobody. You’ll eventually get to talk to Daedros and he’ll try to get you to join the Triple Chalice. Refusing will lead him offering to duel you. You might need a descent combat stat for this though. Accept and beat him and everyone will live. Sartham escapes, but he’ll probably die offscreen. Dulsen isn’t mentioned afterwards for some reason, even though he is at the summit.


I think actually did that but I don’t remember how

Actually daedros killed him along with the other nobles

I mean after you go to the summit the second time, not the first time when everyone dies. If you only warn Avellyn before going, she says that both Daedros and Dulsen are there and Daedros doesn’t say anything about having killed his father in this ending. He’s just not mentioned at all after you fight Daedros. I don’t know if it’s different if you choose to join the Triple Chalice since I didn’t get that ending.

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You need to have 70 plus to win the “offensive” and you need 60 to win standing against the wall(combat of course)

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You’re talking about trying to win, right? I know about that, I was referring to purposefully losing even with max combat to get the other endings.

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@MahatmaDagon Do you intend to address this theme in the next book?
It would be interesting to see the myriad possibilities of what our character could do with the other skills.


I do, but it’s mostly just hinted at unless the player actively pursues this.


it will be amazing to find out more about how blood magic works in this world that you created

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@MahatmaDagon is really a great game I’m looking forward to see more of it

Sorry if this been asked before, are you planning for sequels to this game ? And how many?

is really a great game I’m looking forward to see more of it

Sorry if this been asked before, are you planning for sequels to this game ? And how many?

There will be 2 sequels.


@MahatmaDagon Sorry for disturbing you, I know you are busy with other projects but if you have the time, can you tell if there is any possibility of enlisting Sir Brendell into your service in the next game? There is no text mentioning that he died if you decide to betray the Rivermen on the march to Dullis or even when you meet the Rivermen on the field and run away or fight defensively. Also, if you reveal your heritage to him during the siege, he seems to have conflicting thoughts about following Lord Noyedas.

He just seemed like a humble and honourable knight and I would much rather have him in my MC’s service than dead.


Sorry I deleted my prior post. Posted it in the wrong thread.

Like @Legend_Dragon12 said, I want this to eventually be a trilogy. I do want to keep the second game a bit more “fulfilling” than the first though, in a sense that I think The War for the West ends too abruptly, right when we get to the “fun” part.

I don’t mind answering questions, feel free to ask me anything!

I think this is the first time someone asks me about Sir Brendell, though. I do like the character, and if he survives the events of the first game he’s definitely reappearing at some point, either as an ally or as an enemy, depending on previous choices.


I found a surprise for me that Spymaster Janneth (not sure if I spelt her name right) is MC half-sister, now MC slept with her. However, I have a question is there a way to tell her that MC knows. As every time I end up becoming the Oracle (Sorry about the spelling again) and the game ends -.-

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That made me almost spit out my water when I found out she’s your half sister and this after a play thru where MC slept with her twice lol :joy::man_facepalming:t6:


How do you find out she’s your half sister?