New Hosted Game! "The War for the West" by Lucas Zaper

You can save her in battle. Face Noyedas in the fields, have a lot of military and win. She always survived in my play throughs.


Is there a way to make wyneva sing for our MC,
My MC never got to hear her sing.

Don’t be a dick to her, basically. That’s how I got it.


When she sing?
At the breakfast with her when we spend time with her,
Or after the war with noyedes.

When you spend time together.

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To be honest I’m really looking forward to the sequel to the War for the West.

What I’d really like to see incorporated is the concept that you can choose how many troops you’d like to train, from millitia to men at arms. I’d like to so that the number of trainable troops isn’t limited to a set number for example: you personally set the number e.g. 10 000 men at arms equals A20 000. You as the player personally choose the exect number of men you’d like to train

Another thing is the fact that in the War for the West you only spend one day with your spouse. Thats not a sufficient amount of time. Make it that you spend one of these days with your spouse and even maybe letting your kids to come along on a picnic or maybe a circus festival. Let your family see you jolly side instead of constantly seeing your serious royal side.

I also read your hoping to a pet update to the sequel. Is it possible to get one that represents our house segil. Say your banners depict the wolf, and while on a hunt you stumble on a wolf cub. If your hereld represents a dragon, an explorer discovers a giant egg mistaking it for a big bird’s egg and wants to sell it, ends up selling it to you.

I’ve been thinking about the Eastern province. When the civil war there end they’ll be turning their eyes to the West. What if our character decides on building a giant wall at the Southern East border of Farhill. Trade would still exists with the Eastern province but they would have to pass gates of the wall and inspection from those who guard it.

Also if you end up having to war with Dullis in the War for the West decide how to attack them, I that house Dullis uses tunnels when they fight, so instead of attacked Hilltop directly lets burn there crops and starve by taking the surrounding villages and towns. It would force the provinces people pressure Dannel to bend the knee faster.


What is the sequel name ?

Wake of the Wyrm, IIRC.


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Elisabel of House Geldeskur, Lady of Kenevar, and by the end of the first game-- Queen in the West!


The outfit is giving me Grey Warden vibes from DA2, love it!


It is a Sims 4 CC of Leliana’s outfit from DA:I, yeah. :grin: