New Hosted Game! "The War for the West" by Lucas Zaper

Is there a way to stop Noyedas from killing himself after we beat him?
Any time I try keep him alive to pay for his crimes he kill himself.
Why not add an option to knock him out before he can try to kill himself?

Hello, is there a way you can add an option on the cheat menu to add more troops and choose which type? I know it’s a silly request but I’ll love to have more troops. That’s all. Also any news or progress on how “the wake of the wyrm” is going? The game story is awsome.

I think there is a ending where your troops revolt because you have too many like some cheatproof

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Yeah if you have too many knights when using them you’ll insta-lose, what I learnt though is that if you don’t use them even having thousands of them you won’t have the bad ending, so there’s that

I dont gather more than 2000, The least that happens is not able to recruit more. But anyways it Will be good if there is an option to add more militia, man-at arms or knights like 500 and so, in The cheat menu. Its silly but i Will like it to happen maybe not now but in future upgrade.

I always make sure he dies one way or another because it helps cut some pathways. He was always “meant to lose”, even inside the plot, as the people funding him were not expecting him to win(somewhere in the game there’s a dialogue that expands on that).

I’m glad you liked it! Someone asked about adding troops to the cheat menu once. I don’t remember why there isn’t an option about it, I imagine there must be a reason but I’m really having a hard time coming up with. If I don’t recall it by the time of the content update, I’ll make sure to add it.

As for the sequel, I’m still early in the process. This month I’ll be focusing on all the beginnings.

There’s a check during the battle but it’s mostly there as a joke. I think there are ways to win the battle already even if you have an absurd amount of troops, if I’m not mistaken the check is only for knights.

Regardless of any of that, I’m also tweaking the recruiting numbers so that more people get recruited and I’m adding a way to get more troops through an event as well.


Such a disappointment. But dont get me wrong, game is pretty good, while it lasts, but it lasts not so long. In my opinion, gameplay ends at part, when u really starting to play. It feels like clickbait… Hey look at me I am really decent game, but halfway through it looks like author said: fk it, Im done, lets wrap things up. And even if its not like this, its pretty shure feels like this. So… What can I say, play demo, buy game, because its nice thing to do and dont play it any more. Why? Like I said it is fkng disappointment and A LOT of skipping day by day without ANY content and its not like u will be skipping few days… ITS MONTHS to find any content. Mb I wrong and mb its not like this for a lot of people, but Im so fkng tilted right now.

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When I try to get Dullas to suport me for the throne after I stop what happend in summit when I got the vision the option to use spouse claim is gray and can’t be use it even when I end up marry their son or daughter or and up marry Noyedas if my MC is female since I got a son from him after I kill him.

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Cheats? because it the only explaniation, after finishing the game i came back to replay and try to see all the events so i started spamming the plus days cheat and was the only time when i had to use the skip day, and the cliffhanger yeah…but to me it like the promise of more like in the book 1 of sabres of infinity after the battle of borgia

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quick question that’s been bugging me. how old are we supposed to be? This line from one of the dreams:

You dream of being a child again in the presence of your father.

“You will have a new mother and a sister,” Lord Rogal tells you excitedly. Behind him, you see the silhouette of a peasant woman with black hair holding a baby in her arms.

If “she” is younger than you, does that mean were in our thirties? I usually RP as someone close to my age (18-24), so that line took me off my RPing for a bit.

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Sincs the MC is old enough to get married I’m guessing at least 18 or older.

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I usually avoid mentioning specific ages precisely because I don’t want to disturb people’s RPs. That dream sequence you had only happens for someone with a “kindhearted” father. It’s not a prophetic dream or a memory, it’s mostly the MC’s brain fantasising with the notion that their father was more “amicable” to peasants than most nobles.

There’s only one thing suggesting the MC’s date of birth in the game; it’s in the portion where you read your mother’s letters. I think they put you around 18 IIRC.

edit: BTW I’m making a Discord server:

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