New Hosted Game! "The War for the West" by Lucas Zaper

Last not lady

Nada keeps assassinating me in matter what I do!?!?!?!?

Don’t sleep with her?

Nadia kills you? Lmao I haven’t had that in any of my playthroughs, could you share some pics please @Yeshua_SAVES ?

It’s so annoying

I may know why that happens, from what I can gather about the tax collectors it seems like you may have been in negative funds? Cause I’ve always been with money and never seen that scene, otherwise Idk

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Spoiler tags should be used – Especially when sharing screen grabs and plot turns.

Please be considerate of those who may not want things revealed.


O wow thanks it kinda makes sense know that you say it I will try it that way thanks again your awesome

Yea I was not watching how I spent my money rookie move…

Since the MC has the sight will there kids have it too? I bet the sight will help them like it help the MC in the secend game if we play one of the kids.

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Taking into consideration that you can play as your heirs (in later games) if your MC dies? Yeah, it’s safe to say that it’s hereditary.


Someone have the link for look on the game code?

Are you able to marry either Nadia or neshalla ?

Nada is a hard no given who/what she really is. Neshalla is… well, the author stated that he might be interested in making her an RO one day, currently no, she’s not eligible for marriage.


Thank you :+1:

I’m sorry but, can you make me remember who was prince Lodka? And also, How can I have a bastard child with him? I thought the only male ROs were Dannel, Noyedas, the guy from the ballroom, and Vradnir!

Lodka is the northern prince. If you’re felmale, you can propose marriage, but your social status makes that impossible, after that, you can just suggest being his mistress.

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Has there been any information on the sequel of War To The West? It is one of my favorite hosted games, and I am really looking forward to this.

Well, we know that one will exist someday. We know that the story will continue if 1) your MC is alive OR 2) your MC’s kid is alive.

Other than that, we’ll just have to wait and see.


Hello everybody! I been try to find out how to use Dannel/Danna claim after Daedros poisons Lord Dulsen after finding out you know about the future betrayal at Stargaze Tower. This happens when you die at the Lord’s Summit for the first time and come back to life with this information in hand.