New Hosted Game! "The Vampire Regent" By Lucas Zaper and Morton Newberry

Thank you all!

And special thanks to everyone who provided feedback during the (long) WIP phase. There were times we thought the game would never make it–so we’re really happy to see it finally out there.


I must say this was one of the best Hosted games I’ve played in a long time. I thank the duo behind this greatness. The Merovech ending was sublime!


I played the game but i did not play the demo.
So can anyone tell what is the merovech ending.


Congrats on the release! I’ve been waiting for this for a while!


This was fun. I like when my choices, control the story not the other way around. For me, this was the best hosted games I’ve played, in a while. After I scrolled through the comment section, I realized that you both are, the creator for The War For The West. I’ve gotta say, I am impressed. Now I just have to re-download and replay that master piece. I look forward to your future works. I might not play the demo (because I’m impatient) but you can count on me to play the full game, when it’s completed.

Thank you for making such wonderful games. Please continue to do so in the near future. Now that I remember your names, I’ll be on the look out for your upcoming release. Bye-bye. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I agree this is the best game this platform has released in a while , i loved how my choices mattered and i loved how each vampire race have different scenarios.
Btw can anyone tell me what were the motives of theresa for betraying us , i ended up straight up killing here so someone please tell me about her motivations/reasons behind betrayel



Your maker pushed for you to become the new regent, and she feels like it should have gone to her. Also when playing as a specific type of vampire, she is manipulated into betraying you sooner than she would have on her own.


Thank you for solving that doubt of mine!
And i guess i haven’t played that type of vampire yet , gotta try it out!


how did people get the save system to work? 🥲 or am i just dumb? i died fighting someone so the game ended and just … ended. :sob: i dont know what i missed but i had no choice but to restart so i’m sure that save is gone forever now…

either way, the story is amazinggggg!! i’m enjoying it immensely. i havent been this attatched to a HG/CoG in a while! :slight_smile: well done, i cant wait to finish!


just got to one of the endings :sob::sob: man that was insane this was sooo great!! also, glad i played as a merovingian first hehe.

edit: T_T i was playing through all the endings, and one choice literally broke the app for me… i can’t tell if that was on purpose or not but i wanted to continue finding different endings. spoiler about the ending > i told my bloodmaster “i am (in love with someone)” and i just got an error code and now the app won’t work

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Sorry about that! We’ve just learned there’s an unexpected bug that is making people not be able to load a save after dying. We’re sending a fix ASAP.

I didn’t find anything weird on the code for that part, can you send a bug report through the app? If I’m not mistaken, this will automatically generate a log with some data, and once support forwards it to us it might help us figure out what the bug is.


yes i did… well it redirected me to email. this was the beginning of it the rest is like a bunch of variables thats like 10 pages long lol, if you need that lmk lol

Error: kissYouGoodbye line 47: Non-existent variable ‘inlove’

Game: vampireregent
Scene: kissYouGoodbye
Line: 47
JS Stack: Error: kissYouGoodbye line 47: Non-existent variable ‘inlove’
at Scene.set (file:///android_asset/scene.js:2393:13)
at Scene.runCommand (file:///android_asset/scene.js:811:22)
at Scene.printLoop (file:///android_asset/scene.js:123:19)
at Scene.execute (file:///android_asset/scene.js:735:10)
at Scene. (file:///android_asset/scene.js:471:12)
at safeCall (file:///android_asset/util.js:104:20)
at Scene.loadLinesFast (file:///android_asset/scene.js:469:5)
at XMLHttpRequest.xhr.onreadystatechange (file:///android_asset/scene.js:439:14)
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 11; SM-A716U1 Build/RP1A.200720.012; wv) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Chrome/93.0.4577.62 Mobile Safari/537.36
Load time: 1631676443144
Persist: androidStorage

Gotcha. Should be fixed when the game updates. Thanks for the help.


I think i may have found an error. On the fencing11 scene if you choose to let the initiates duel with real weapons, you have a manipulation check to convince Alice that it was necessary. However the success on the manipulation check actually makes her not forgive you, and a failure makes her forgive you.


Thank you, just fixed it.

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Found this

Thank you for the report, it should be your bloodkin’s name in there instead of a number. We’ll wait until we have some more bugs to fix before we send a patch because, whenever we update the game, people lose their saves.

Just got a few more endings and im wondering if Meronvigians are the only ones with an unique ending. Specifically the one where you reveal yourself to be Merovech. So far i have found no other bloodkin specific ending