New Hosted Game! "The Shadow Society" by Cara Palmer

One thing about Azur… I don’t think h was trying to be a dick after the piano scene. In fact, he pointed out that there are eyes everywhere–the MC (and A) are being watched. He’s not the mushy gushy type, so if he showed any sort of care at all about the MC, it’s something the ‘enemy’ can use against him (and the MC). When you’re in enemy territory, you have to be damned careful about what you let them know, after all. And he definitely sees his father as an enemy.

I may be off on this (Cara is the one to ask), but that was my take on it. And hell, you got more out of A than R, by far. Not that I don’t love R. :stuck_out_tongue:


Personally with A I was totally expecting “defrosting ice queen” trope and rolling my eyes in advance. Seeing a character suddenly do a 180° turn personality wise once protagonist shows a tiny bit of interestest in them is just sad. Of course I like to see some positive changes and progression but not a complete overhaul.

So I was pleasantly surprised when A herself adressed the issue during the first interaction with her. She basically said “Don’t expect me to turn all mushy, that wont happen even if we become friends”. Idk I just felt really proud of her.


A little bit late to reply lmao but here it goes
Remember that we can see the thoughts of the other Characters and we can see what they think about the MC and with A even when he/she is thinking about the MC they are not in the slightest a good thoughts, I didn’t wanted the cliche of “defrosting the ice queen” in the first book but maybe a little something ya know

About this, they are already using the MC against him lmao

Umm, did you manage to pull off the bow? I have the same problem with 55 gracious but end up tripping. :worried:

Oh hey! After I peeking at the code, I found out that, the interruption only happens if you flirted with more than one people when you went to find them separately, and the interruption itself is serviced as a jealous scene(IMO).

But if you teased M about they worried about you or something like that which would increase the romance point with him in your own old mansion, this seems didn’t count though, I can’t help but tease M 'cause they’re really cute but I always go after A at any given opportunity and I never had any interruption from M.

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