New Hosted Game! "Kiss from Death" By William Loman

Thanks so much for sticking through the delays! Filled with glee that it’s out and people are enjoying it.

Don’t forget to leave a nice review, because that’s the single biggest thing that will help!! That and bug reports, of course. :wink:


It’s finally out, hell yeah! I’m looking forward to playing my dragon route again, it was a fun one to replay. I’m really happy to see it published, congratulations.

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Is the steam release being delayed or is there something else going on, as the game says it’s not available in my country?

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It was sooooo good. Gonna start my second play through now :joy::heart:

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Just ask, is there any poly relationship in this story’?

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The topic is touched on briefly in one or two scenes, but there isn’t any significant polyamorous content in the game. That was a decision made early on in development for a variety of reasons, most of them practical – i.e. limiting the scope of the game so that one day it would be released. Which it did!


I played this game when it was a wip. I cried then and I cried now as well, it’s a sad story, just makes you realize that we’ll all eventually be forgotten and time will go on with or without us. Void will always have my heart no matter how much time passes :heart:


How about threesome ?hehe

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Well that didn’t Work out well.

I’ve been waiting this for so long!

Same here in Germany, I’m in contact with the Choices team per email

Theres actually a new law since december last year that stops all users from seeing/purchasing adult content on steam here in germany because the age verification process is “too lax”.

I guess the good news are, you can still find the game on the Play Store! (Even though i really appreciated having all the CoG/Hosted Games in one place.)


Good golly.
And yeah, saw the playstore yesterday with its usk0 rating >_>
(seriously, the only really good thing bout the USK is that they HAVE to have digital copies of everything they test. meaning they have copies of games nowhere else available digitally)

Congratulations on the release @will… It’s a pretty well hyped game in a while.

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How do I end the cycle?

I’m about to play again, this time I’ll focus on finding more about the time guy

Try to stop the end of the world twice


The Google Play review where someone said they came in expecting romance and left with an existential crisis…I mean, if this was a physical book that’s a back cover quote for sure right there.


This looks like something I’d love to read! I’m only concerned about the ending (and wouldn’t mind any spoilers) :sweat_smile:
Is a bad ending unavoidable? Is it possible for the MC and the love interests to have a happily ever after? :no_mouth:


Okay so I just finished my second play through and I got some questions since I got the true ending. Were we the God of time the whole time or did we replace him? And I love how the character you played as before the one you’re playing now counts as the cycle that came before you. Great book, was definitely worth the wait, still kinda got me in the feels :frowning: