New Hosted Game! "Keeper of the Sun and Moon" by Brynn Chernosky

I understand, and appreciate what we do get it just feel like a minor stab wound when we miss out.


It is really sad that they couldn’t release to all platforms to be honest. D: For now, perhaps we have to compromise until CoG could find ways to financed HG releases on Steam.


Ok as near as I can tell, the bug with the messages only occurs when you are human. I’ve tried elemental and dragonkind and neither are affected by the bug. I tried human on my first playthrough and then two more times just to be sure, and every time I get the same bug.

I’ve done a nephilim playthrough now, and I haven’t seen the messages bug. I’m now more certain than I was before that the bug is associated with being human. I haven’t done the magician path, so I can’t be sure whether non-powered human and magician are both affected or if it’s just non-powered humans.

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Hope they will consider re-releases for this one, Gladiator and the Butler did it at least. As to me it seems those games all have the potential to do very well on Steam/PC.

Pity, guess we’ll never have the Linus romance for the Butler did it by @Delliot then? :disappointed:

While I couldn’t contain myself and binge played my first mc in Keeper last night, due to the website version basically forcing me to binge-play any replays will probably have to wait till Easter, which is a bloody shame. Whereas on Steam or the old Chrome versions I could play a chapter a day.

Again if they won’t or can’t do Steam steam releases for (my) most anticipated Hosted Games. I hope they will look into other solutions for the PC sometime during this year, from other storefronts, such as Itch, to just making a downloadable version from the website.

As far as post-releases go I believe the updated and polished version of the Waywalkers Trilogy is slated to get a trilogy release on Steam when part 3 is done. Though that kind of tactic only works for series and would force some fans, like yours truly, to wait for years.


Thing is, if they’re post releases you’ve got to wonder how well they’ll do? I mean most people would have just bought it on one of the other platforms by that time if they really wanted to play it, even if steam would have been their preferred platform if released at the start. (Obviously there’s a few that won’t have or can’t, but in terms of people on the mail out lists…)

Anyway, short story is COG has stated on the forum in response to this they’re not doing a steam release for all HG’s and that’s really the end of it when it’s all said and done.

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Congratulations @daydreamsincolor for getting published!!! Going to get my hands on it right now :smile:


As I said in the other thread - congrats @daydreamsincolor. Gret initial offering. Hopefully you will get another game made soon.

I think you underestimate the number of PC users who want Steam releases and who don’t just go buy on other platform store fronts. As I always have said; an emphasis on mobile storefronts to the detriment of PC storefronts is more hurtful than most mobile-focused individuals acknowledge or seem to realize.

Just as there is way too much credit given to “reviews” and other mobile indicators, I feel CoG only hurts themselves by not understanding the greater PC market as a whole.


That’s cool, you’d know better than me about the PC vs Mobile games pulse :slight_smile: I must admit, I buy most of my books and similar things (like COG/HG) through mobile platforms so I can read them when I get half a chance, where as my heavier duty games usually end up through steam with a bit of crossover inbetween depending on various factors. I do agree that mobile gaming platforms are potentially harmful in the review department considering the overwhelming freemium culture there compared to steam.

I just would have thought that since if a game most people are aware if a HG game doesn’t get a steam release, it’s chances of getting on in the future are possible but not great, so would have gone ahead and just bought it on another platform if they really wanted it rather than not be able to read it at all, but could be wrong. I still suspect a delayed release wouldn’t do anything to help steam sales which probably then re-enforces that HG’s don’t always sell well there.


Yep, only “reviews” that matter for me as an “old school” PC gamer are those of other gamers I trust, none of whom are young kids with a million followers on Youtube.

That has only been circumstantially true for Gladiator (due to a serendipitous occasion with me getting the flu) and Keeper, one of the rare games for which I did beta testing. For the vast majority this doesn’t hold true and I won’t get it if I can’t play it offline on my computer.
I did a binge playthrough on the website last night but the truth is I normally cannot afford to binge, yet binging is the only way I can ever play the website versions, because if I don’t finish them in one sitting I lose all progress. :unamused:
And then there’s the fact I can’t tweak or mod server-side only games, which also never sits quite well with me for some reason. Not that I mod everything, but lacking the option somehow feels frustrating.


I had the same issue in my first playthrough, but I’m about 1/3 of the way through my second and it hasn’t happened this time (yet).

Are you planning on making a sequel?

There would be 3 books
@daydreamsincolor is already writing the 2nd book :slight_smile:


Don’t expect the romantic element of this game to be anything on-par with that of The Wayhaven Chronicles. Sadly, after three playthroughs, I can honestly report that the romance portion of this game is woefully under-developed and sorely lacking. It kinda seems like the author only added it as an afterthought (and even then, begrudgingly so). There’s no warmth, no build-up, and not even any detail to speak of.
It’s a great game and I really love it, but if you’re going in expecting a fulfilling romance aspect, you’re going to be sadly disappointed.

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Opinion may differ but i don’t think it is wise to compare one title to the other title based on your opinion, personally i think the romance in Keeper of Sun and the Moon is better than wayhaven and more heart warming… however i won’t write a long debate of why keeper is better than Wayhaven because it will trigger a long and hostile debate between fans of both side :slight_smile:

Hence i hope you won’t endorse a prejudice of yourself by “knocking” down other title as well … we could all debate on why a romance in one story is good and suit us , without saying it is better than another title…


I think they both have warmth and it differs very much who you romance in Wayhaven anyway. My mc and Adam are still at the belligerent sexual tension stage, so you cannot even really call that dating just yet. Nate is all sweet and romantic, but to me so is Alty in Keeper. Romances in Keeper are less in focus because it both has more ro’s and is not, primarily, a romance game. However I believe the author has said that in the sequel most ro’s will get a proper romance arc.

I think when it comes to the romance aspect both have their pro’s and con’s. That said Wayhaven is very much a romance game so if you’re only in it for the romance


As fan of both series, the romance are special on their own way. To be fair with Keepers, the author’s style fits the narrative since this title is more concentrated on fantasy adventure compare to Wayhaven, which is more character based and overall, a romance series.

I do agree with @Eric_knight that we shouldn’t compare one title with another since each author have their own style of writing and have different overall objective.

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Can someone explain to me how the stats work?

I’m talking about how the cunning, fighting, intelligence and willpower’ stats affect conversations and fights.

When we get various options for a fight, can we select any attack and success without having a high level for it or is it necessary to have a certain level?

Last question, which stats affect the most for each race? For example, kitsunes and their illusions or nephilims and their celestial magic.

  1. Cunning effects descriptions and conversations. Some descriptions will change to represent the MC’s shrewd insight, and some stat checks involving deceit use cunning.
    Intelligence is effects mostly grades, but also the ability of the MC to think on their feet. Higher grades means your skills improve more, and some stat checks involve out-thinking your enemies in combat.
    Fighting effects combat and athletics. Checks using physical prowess almost always use fighting.
    Willpower effects ability to use and resist control magic.

  2. Early choices are more for building preferences in what stats you will have, whereas later choices will test to see if you have high enough in specific stats. For example, if you’ve been neglecting your fighting stat the entire game, making a choice that uses a fighting stat check in the game’s finale will result in a failure.

  3. You don’t necessarily need to stick to any specific stat just because of your race. That being said, human magicians get boosts to ritual magic and potions; elementals get boosts to elemental; kitsune get boosts to willpower. I believe campions, nephilims, and draikana get boosts to elemental as well, but I don’t know for sure


Thank you so much for the information. :grin: