New Hosted Game! "Dawn of the Sol Empire" by Teemu Salminen

I personally really hate padding/filler content in a story, so I tend to be pretty harsh in cutting out unneeded parts. I also prefer plot focus instead of character focus, whereas character focused stories would mainly benefit from more length. With that said, I can totally see how someone would have a different preference on that.

I assume you encountered the surrender bug mentioned earlier :smiley:

That was a really big mistake, but fortunately I noticed it very fast, even faster than any of the commenters actually. I suppose most would choose to fight if possible, for the first time anyway.

I actually planned on surrendering until I read that the Sol Empire considers me subhuman.

Heh, that is the arrogance costing them from time to time. Their expedition would be considerably more efficient if ideology wasn’t such a strong influence in it. Then again, it sort of is the driving force in this push for conquest in the first place.

In addition, there had to be some reason to fight back too, considering the effort I put in the stat mechanics for the war itself. I think the surrender route is a bit weaker as an experience, overall, so if you’re only going to pick one option, it would be better to fight (for your personal enjoyment). That is partly why I made the Sol Empire less sympathetic in the story.

Many years ago I made a shorter/simpler version of this same basic idea unrelated to Choice of Games:

The main difference is that there are much fewer choices and no real “war phase”. So the focus is certainly more on the option of surrendering, unlike in the new version of the story, and the Sol Empire is clearly less bad of an option there compared to now.

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Hecate is quite a different scenario, lol. The Sol Empire there are the good guys, and we’re plainly evil.

Though some of that you don’t know until after you make the first choice. But knowing everything, you’ll probably want to surrender regardless of whether you want to be the good guy (because it puts the good guys in power) or the bad guy (because it protects you).

Pretty much :stuck_out_tongue:

I liked the true ending. While it does leave you with an uncertain future, at least that can be determined by the readers themselves. Uncertain doesn’t necessarily have to mean bad. Since there is no sequel, the reader can easily make up their own future plot on how things turn out.

I actually like that concept. It’d be neat to see the conquers actually be the good guys for once, and the people resisting them supporting an oppressive regime. I actually had a similar idea for a story (though you’re with the empire).

I enjoyed the Deal with the Devil Ending combined with the 11th ending. It took a while to get the first achievement, but I got the 11th ending first try, and I do think of all the options I’ve seen so far that this one is arguably the best for the colony.