New Heart's Choice Game! "Freshman Magic: Spellbooks and Tangled Sheets" by Raven de Hart

Ages of what?

Obviously there’s no minor in the game if that what you worried about.

Given that everyone is a college student, I assume the freshman characters are 18-19, sophomores are 19-20, and so on

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Most checks midway and late game seem to cap at 60 or 65 from what I’ve noticed; I had most of my stats pretty even but specialized in Combat and Summoning. Though I’m not sure how high the checks need to be for the final event


I’m glad I decided to give this book a try because I absolutely loved it! It was both very immersive and very enjoyable and the ROs were varied enough to suit every taste. I went after Halim in my first playthrough but I’ll definitely be going again and checking out Raimundo’s path too. These two are my personal favourites but it may or may not be because I have a certain type…


The player can date more than one love interest?

I think you have to pick one to be your boyfriend towards the end, but you can date around as much as you want before that.

I have a question for a frnd playing this game

Which of the characters in the game is the guy highlighted with the green arrow ?

I think that’s Alistair.


I thought so. Just wanted to be sure

Hey, all. I just completed my review of Freshman Magic: Spellbooks and Tangled Sheets. Thanks for reading!


sorry, I will contact the support :slight_smile:

I love this game, wonder if the author will write second book. Does someone know some other M/M games, please?

All-World Pro Wrestling

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I can say that I am plugging away at something. I don’t want to give out any more details until things are actually starting to settle in, but yes. I am chipping away at things on my end :slight_smile:


Well, you’ve just officially made my day. :blush: