New Heart's Choice Game! "Freshman Magic: Spellbooks and Tangled Sheets" by Raven de Hart

Igneous is right. It’s not exactly a universal, or even super common, abbreviation - I’ve been on college campuses and read plenty of novels about college life and I don’t recall seeing it before - but in context, it clearly refers to the student union, which is a place that provides things like coffee and snacks, bulletin boards, and a place to hang out between classes. I assumed that SUB stood for Student Union Building, although I don’t remember it ever being referred to specifically that way - it’s always either “SUB” or “student union.”


Thank you both! I have not lived on campus at uni before, so it’s not really a term I’m familiar with; I’m not even sure if our uni’s over here have them since most uni’s are located in cities in close proximity to other ammenities, but I can rest east now knowing the term, it was driving me mad haha


Is that what student union means in US? Here it is an organization.


Ok, can anyone let me know how many PG/NSFW scenes each LI can have? This is what I found for Caleb so far.



  1. After first duel, you can choose to give him a blow job. After that you have the option to ask him to give you one

  2. When watching the Asian Competition, you can ask him to makeout. Then, you can have sex with him (defaulting to him topping you in doggy style). After that, you can make a bet with him, leading to you getting a blow job.

  3. After the third duel, you have the option to Give him a blowjob, get a blowjob, or getting topped by Caleb in the car (are there branches here? Can’t remember)

  4. Before your meeting with Whitworth, you can give him a blowjob in his room

As for some “non-obvious” choices that cause extra scenes with him (may be missing a lot here)

  1. Don’t go to the party at the first day and you can meet him in the dorm

  2. During Dinesh disappearance, choose to talk to Noel instead of Priya/Other group, and you have the option to comfort Caleb.

Please let me known if I’m missing any scene too


I loved ever second of this. I originally planned to go for Caleb, but after realizing I couldn’t top him, and spending more time with Raimundo, I had to choose him. The whole jock x nerd cliche is my absolute favorite


I, too, was disappointed I couldn’t top Caleb (my guilty pleasure is big top, even bigger bottom)

As for the story itself, I found a lot of the magic and interactions quite fun. Although the love interests felt somewhat static, they were each unique and interesting. My only nit is that you foreshadowed the ending too well, and by the point it came around I was all but yelling at my MC for walking into a trap.

Overall quite good!


oh yeah i was shaking my MC begging him to catch on. like “you have so much information at your disposal Please put it together”


My MC did put it together, but not even his best friend believes him, and he can’t just run from it as his scholarship is very important to him.

oh can you put it together? how??

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That probably depends quite a bit on the choices you’ve made. My character wasn’t particularly proactive in trying to solve the mystery - he was a lot more concerned about keeping his scholarship - and although I had some vague suspicions, it was far from an open-and-shut case for me. Which seems like a really good way to do an interactive mystery, actually.


Just finished it doing Caleb’s route and I am immensely upset I can’t top him. He’s so submissive and breedable, it’s practically a crime to not dominate him!! :tired_face:
Also with how many times MC oggles Caleb’s butt, you’d think he’d want to stuff it with a creampie.

But overall I really liked the story! Hoping to see more of the author’s work someday, if they make more m/m stories that is.


Any tips on winning the various duels? :thinking:

Play to your strengths. And don’t shirk when it comes to your academics - as your mastery increases in each of your subjects, you’ll have more success applying those concepts to your dueling.


So good! Easily the best Heart’s Choice game I’ve tried so far and up there with CoG’s better offerings.

The magic system was interesting, the duel’s popped, the guys were hot and I liked that you could sleep with all of them before getting serious. The side characters/professors were developed enough that I didn’t feel like they were just grade dispensers. I also really liked that you could either be a brute force kind of magic man or a subtle one, I love me some subtle magic. Overall would absolutely love another game in this setting.

Some nitpicky type stuff:

  • would have liked to customize my character a bit, known more about his background etc.
  • didn’t know what strange occurrences was tracking until right at the end when it dropped from 20% to 16% and I realized I was unwittingly but successfully foiling some nefarious happenings.

- I get the impression Whitworth choosing you as the final sacrifice was entirely opportunistic but considering that you could have been successfully foiling his experiments up till that stage a weeee bit more exposition would have been nice


wait what IS strange occurrences tracking? I’ve played twice now and I’m still not Quite sure

98% sure its Whitworth’s experiments. Like the guard you find dead has weird summoning stuff going on, then there’s a student who seems to have something similar going on. There might be other stuff but basically it’s implied he’s experimenting and if you don’t diffuse the magic in those situations his chance of successfully summoning the Nightmare increases. Since there’s achievements that have the bad guy win I’m assuming he can actually succeed.


Thank :blush: u @AletheiaKnights

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I just finished my first play through today and I’ve gotta say, this is up there with Brimstone Manor! (Granted, I’ve only fully played this and Brimstone Manor when it comes to Heart’s Choice, but uh… these are the ones that held my attention and convinced me to buy, so I’m calling that a win :sweat_smile:)

The story as a whole was not the magical, high stakes adventure I expected, but honestly? I’m ok with that. It was nice to plod through some uni courses, have a crack at some magical battles, and have lots and lots of not-so-innocent rendezvous with many cute guys.
It’s nice to sometimes have a story that I’m not super stressed about picking all the right options on.

I do sort of wish Enchantment as a whole was more of a option, more in the final battle than anywhere else. I couldn’t really find the enchantment options anyway, so maybe I just wasn’t able to figure out what choices indicated enchantment (oops.). I didn’t have trouble getting through the final battle anyway because i was given options to raise other stats without feeling like I was being punished for not constantly upping my main stat, which was very nice and let me have a fairly even spread of stats :slight_smile:

I also loved all the characters! I think they were all well written and I enjoyed spending time with everyone! For a story of this length I felt there was quite a bit of depth. (The exception was Noel… while I did love him, I only really liked him as a friend and it did grate on my nerves a little when he got mad that I was out having fun with other men, but eh. That might be more of a me issue. Other than that I liked him)

Overall, I’m very excited to see what this author comes out with next, and I hope there will be games similar to this in the future! :slight_smile:


This was a fun little magical adventure! Always excited to see more M/M focused games, so grabbed this one as soon as I could. I love a good magic system, and while I wasn’t immediately sold on the college setting or getting another jock!MC in an M/M Heart’s Choice game, I came to enjoy it. Played with a focus on Magical Theory while still keeping the others high, and I had fun having a variety of options both in and out of duels. Only upset I was forced to pick just one at the end - would have loved to double major. :joy:

There was a good selection of Boys to choose from, but I very quickly gravitated towards Caleb. He was a cute mix of Sweet and Adventurous, and it was fun to get a wide range of scenes with him, from earlier on right up until the end. It was also nice to get at least one Total Top amoung the cast. I very much enjoy the ROs having set preferences, and that locked in his route for me. (Though some way of learning that in-game before the scenes took place, rather than having to guess, scry through the code, or learn from the commenters above would have been nice.) I also would have liked a little more control over my MC’s inner thoughts, specifically a lot less ass gazing on their part. Took me out of the scene each time I saw that, lol. Still a fun route, start to finish. 10/10, would romance Caleb again.

Overall, it was an easy read, and an enjoyable way to pass the time. Looking forward to the next M/M game! :blush:


Does anyone know the ages?