New Graphic for NE by NW OZ Game

NE BY NW OZ, a Hitchcockian Oz parody adventure game, will be released sometime in 2017 as a Host Game from the Choice of Games company. The adventure game has a Quadling junk-collecting villager longing to be a magic user to replace former magic users in Oz in scenarios that parody the films of Alfred Hitchcock. As this magic user, you can decide to become more and more good or more and more wicked, eventually reaching the point toward the very end where you can no longer choose. At least four major paths diverge through the game as well as many sub-paths. The game has been programmed by and written by Oz author Ron Baxley Jr. Beta-players have stated they would often not have the same path twice, making for good replayability. The graphics are being created by graphic artist Ian Clyde His latest graphic is of some evil trees in the mostly red Quadling Country. The other graphics shown are of a splash-screen at game start-up which will also be used for a later scene and an icon to click on to start the game itself. Within the next couple of weeks or so, one last sample graphic of the Tin Woodman, who has had his nickel-plating removed by an evil magic user as well as his heart and has rusted out, will be shared. Then, periodically, the entire set of sample graphics will be shared leading up to the release of the game next year. The finished game will have approximately 12-15 graphics scattered throughout the text/scene descriptions with their choice buttons. © Ron Baxley, Jr. © Ian Clyde


Here is yet another new preview graphic from graphic designer Ian Clyde for the NE by NW OZ game:


Here is yet another new graphic for NE BY NW OZ:


Ron has finished the programming and writing for an adventure game, NE BY NW OZ, which will be a hosted game from the Choice of Games Company around late 2017. Ian Clyde, graphic artist, is working on the illustrations for it. NE BY NW OZ is a Hitchcockian and Oz parody game with a classic case of mistaken identity and many of the classic Oz characters and one in which you choose to either be a male or female junk collector striving to be either a good wizard of witch or wicked wizard or witch. Your ultimate quest, which you may somewhat stumble into through correct choices, is to replace the deceased Wicked Witch of the West or Wicked Witch of the East and live to tell the tale.


New graphics for the NE by NW OZ from graphic artist Ian Clyde (The castle with the blue grass around it may have a different tower in the final version):