NE BY NW OZ teaser pic

NE BY NW OZ is a Hitchockian Oz parody adventure game from author Ron Baxley, Jr. slated to be a Host Game in late 2017. Ian Clyde, the illustrator, is working on illustrations within the game itself. The illustrations are scheduled to be finished in mid-2017. The programming and writing for the game have been finished for months, and the game has been beta tested on here. In the meantime, Ian has provided the teaser graphic of the splashscreen. These are © Ron Baxley, Jr., and © Ian Clyde. Upon the game being officially released as a Host Game, from what I understand of the process, all rights will revert to the Choice of Games company. -Not for redistribution.

I hope that you enjoy the pic


Here is Ron’s author web-site: .

Ron Baxley, Jr.


Have Choice of Games changed things?

We’re Looking for Writers - Choice of Games LLC says

You will retain full IP rights on your game, granting us an exclusive license to publish your multiple-choice game electronically.

I love the artwork

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Thank you for the compliment regarding the artwork. I meant the exclusive
rights to the illustrations are granted to Choice of Games, not the IP
rights on the game itself. Sorry for the confusion.

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Is that true? I didn’t realise they took the rights for illustrations. Does the artist at least get paid by them?


I am not writing about projects that Choice of Games is including in their regular line-up. I am talking about Host Games. There is a difference. The creator of the Host Game would need to make any arrangements for payment with the artist he or she uses from what I understand. I personally have a contractual arrangement with my artist, and he agreed to the terms in the contract. The contract is between the artist and me. I hope this helps.

To put it into plain, short text (obviously the contract is more specific), we need a license to use the images commercially, and alter them (because the needs of the various platforms are constantly changing), but not the rights to the images. (e.g. If an author was to make a contract with an artist that had an ‘out’—in that the artist could pull the rights to use the art for some reason—we would need different art assets.)

Or to put it simpler: We do not take any IP rights to anything contributed by the author to Hosted Games. We just need to be able to use the art.

We don’t make contracts with artists for Hosted Games, and we don’t get involved in the contracts between artists and authors, except to make sure the author actually has the rights to allow us to use the images as necessary.


Thanks for clarifying everything.