Northeast by Northwest Oz by Ron Baxley Jr. (release on 1st May)

There is a game on the HG releases list that I cannot find anything about. It is called “NW” by a NE Oz. Does anyone know anything about that game?

This might be a waste of a topic, but I didn’t know where else to ask. :sweat_smile:


It’s basically IIRC Hitchcok’s North By Northwest meets Wizard of Oz

Found it! I cannot believe a new game is just days away from being published and no one has been talking about it.

It is called “Northeast by Northwest Oz”, and it has been written by @RonBaxleyJr40.

The below link directs to all the topics he has posted about the game:


Thank you for your interest and for bringing this up. The game was submitted as “Northeast by Northwest Oz,” but the title may have been changed by the company. You are correct that there has been previous discussion about it. There just has not been recent discussion. Thanks.


I would like to know what it is about if u don’t mind

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Well, in the words provided to us by the author…

Sounds interesting to me. Being a magic user is always a favourite of mine, and in many games the magical prowess of protagonist’s are always lacking in one way or another. I’m curious to see what having a protagonist that primarily uses magic would be like, reminding me of Choice of Magics that is to be released in a few months.

I do wonder what being evil would be like in a parody, too. Being evil is always fun. :grin:


Wow I didn’t know thank for the help I’m all fired up for it :smiling_imp:


The magic is not of an extremely formal nature with some minor powers being gleaned a certain way at first and then additional powers being gained when a spell book is discovered. You still solve puzzles in traditional ways without magic, etc.

Thank you for your interest.


Oh yes! I would love to be the next wicked witch of the west. :man_cook:
Can’t wait to bring chaos to the munchkin city.

Btw, does this book contains references to the first book or does it also has references to the following books in the Oz series?, e.g. Ozma of Oz


You will replace who was evil but can choose to stay on the evil path or become a good wizard or witch. Also, btw, I should have mentioned the abbreviated title, NE by NW OZ. That is what is used in the title graphic, etc. Finally, there is a mystery going on behind the fantasy which relate to the elements which parody the films of Hitchcock. You have to investigate here and there and not just rush through at times. Thanks!


Eh…what are the film’s of Hitchcock? Sorry if that sounds dumb, but not sure if I have ever seen those before.

You can become the next Wicked Witch of the West OR Wicked Witch of the East. :slight_smile: You can even become a good wizard or bad wizard in Winkie Country or Munchkin Country respectively. The game does contain references to other books in L. Frank Baum’s series such as The Marvelous Land of Oz, Ozma of Oz, etc. Thank you for your interest.

The films of Alfred Hitchcock which are briefly parodied within the game are as follows: “North by Northwest”, “Psycho”, “Vertigo”, “Rear Window”, and “The Birds.” The parodies have changes in names, settings, and plots and are truly exagerrated to lampoon the originals and are incorporated into an original story. Thank you for your interest.

That is it basically, but it has parodies of other Hitchcockian works as well and diverges from the plots of any one film. There is a case of mistaken identity, but the main character is vastly different than that in Hitchcock’s film. Some of Hitchcock’s characters tended to be more like aristocrats or upper middle class. The main character in my game is lower class/ a commoner. He is more of a social climber than the characters in Hitchcock’s films.

Just on a sidenote, but I’d have suggestes “Nort by NorthOz” as new title. Rolls better imo /shrug

I appreciate the suggestion. The graphic designer actually incorporated the title into some of the graphics, and it seems like things are full steam ahead right now.

Therefore, I think “NE by NW OZ” will have to stay.

Also, an administrator at some point suggested that the title be more succinct/abbreviated, so I followed that suggestion.

Hopefully, people will just read it aloud as “Northeast by Northwest Oz.” “North by Northwest Oz” was too close to the original Hitchock title.

Btw, your truncated version “Nort by NorthOz” is interesting and does roll off the tongue but may not necessarily convey everything I want it to. I do, again, appreciate your suggestion, though.

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The game is out now! For those with the omnibus app, go to the App Store and download the latest update. NE by NW OZ will then appear in the app.


It is also out in Playstore.

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Inquiries have been made about the potential stats bug.

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Wait, is it really 94megabytes?