New & Glad To Be Here

Yo! Names, Henry and I’m new to the forum but not to COG’s Work. I decided it was high time I join up on the forums to know what’s going on. That aside I also might be making some of my own work. I think the best things to note about me is that my most played COG games are Zombie Exodus, Choice By Gaslight And The Deathless & Hero’s Rise Series. That aside I hope that I’ll enjoy my time on the forums as much as I do playing the games.


Welcome to the insane asylum, mind you do not feed the inmates! XD.

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'Sup, we’ll be cool as long as you understand one thing: I AM YOUR KING, now and forevermore.



Hi! Have you heard the news of our lord and savior Stoic?


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Poisonous welcome to you! I am Mara the bard

Welcome! I am NJG, at your service.

Welcome to the wonderful world of the CoG forum :smile:

A warm welcome by the local spoilsport as well. (Who’d like to point out that creating “I’m new to the forum” topics is officially against the rules. See here → FAQ - Choice of Games Forum)

Have fun! Or else… :wink:

Is it weird that I’ve been here since June and only just read the community guidelines?

Nah. They’re a bit difficult to find. I think that by the time I first ran into them I’d already been hanging around this place for about half a year.

@jasonstevanhill Is it possible to make that easier to find, especially for the new members. Like, is it possible to redirect new arrivals straight to the community guidelines, or at least to rename it from FAQ to something like Rules or Community Guidelines?
Or link to it in the FORUM RULES. Are you new? READ THIS FIRST! SERIOUSLY! thread. I guess that’d get the job done too.
Edit of edit:
:no_mouth: Wait a second. It’s already in there… There goes my brilliant idea.


Welcome I am Obsidian the protective stone and might I say you have great taste in games. @WordsmithHenry

Welcome @WordsmithHenry!
Let’s hope that you will enjoy yourself here :3

Welcome, lol.

The forum rules are actually part of an automated PM. Check your profile to find them :blush:

Hmm, 13hrs and not locked, probably a new record.

They are? Well, that’s new. It didn’t work like that when I joined back when we were still on the old forum software.

Well, that PM’s been here at least since November this year, probably longer, though.


Nah, kidding hehe.


Now you make me feel ancient :cry: Bad @UmbraLamia.

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Wow I didn’t know that its already been November in 2016, time flies past fast.


A warm welcome to the forum, WordsmithHenry.

Alas, as Cecilia points out, the forum etiquette does include (a good ways down the page):

“Don’t create “I’m new to the forum!” threads or posts. Just jump in!”

So I’m going to close the thread; nothing personal, and I also hope you’ll enjoy your time on the forums.

@UmbraLamia, definitely a new record. Guess I’m not the only mod who’s been too busy IRL to keep up with the housekeeping. :slight_smile:

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