New Chapters


I got all of the choice of games available on kindle. but then i noticed that for some, there will be new chapters. Will i have to purchase again? or will it update when its ready and connected to wifi. please help me out. i feel like i wasted money if i can’t get the new chapters. and i likeplaying at school on my kindle, and dont always have access to a computer to play online. please and thank you. :slight_smile:


@Lilyjones128 , welcome to the forum! Whether games are released separately or as updates through apple would depend on the writer and the size of the new chapters / update. I believe the official Choice of games would be classed as sequels, so would most likely have to be bought again. All the current fan games (under the banner Hosted Games) are free to download though and again, unless a proper sequel is made, new chapters would likely be added through apple.


I’m not asking about apple. I am asking about the AMAZON kindle…