New Beginnings : Medieval Era

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Well, that was quite… short. But I’m looking forward to it


Yeah most of my time was spent making the settings screen lol.

Which is okay, i do plan on asking about settings in a better way, but the settings screen will be reused within the stats screen in case the player wants to change a setting later on.

(Though i may lock some settings from changing in options, like difficulty. Or i might not, depends on how you guys feel about such a thing ^^)

I can relate to that. World lore will consume most of your time, I think

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Most definitely. I plan to make it medieval like, with a bit of my own twist. ^^

if anyone was curious, here is a sneak peak to the outline i am working on: (Unedited, right from my planning page)

As always, subject to change at any time, if i see it could be improved ^^

Chapter One: Just Another Blank Slate (Player Birth and Char Creation Beginning. Origin, Race, Gender, Name, Hair Color, Family Name, Etc)

Chapter Two: Tis The Story Of Our People (Lore Introduced, Closing up the Char Creation. Identity, Age, Hair Length, Height, Etc)

Chapter Three: The Bell And The Meaning Of Its Toll (Meeting of the Elder’s, End with scenes depicting you as one of the youth, or one of the )

Chapter Four: The Many Branches of Destiny (May only work on one branch at a time and offer reg updates till that branch is complete)(remember quality must be just as important as the overall quantity.)

(All chapters are subject to setting integration (in a story friendly way))


Looks interesting, not much to go off of yet and I found no bugs, everything good in this world takes time so don’t rush yourself.

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@The_Armored_Fish How many chapters is it? If I may

It is very short – almost too short to really form any thoughts about it – but I always do like the idea of the main character aging and world changing with them. Although I do wonder, what happens if your main character doesn’t want to lead those who are to be executed, especially if the MC is older?

Also, I received this error when choosing Juliana as a name:
talk_of_discontent line 150: Invalid set instruction, no expression specified: player_name

Looking forward to seeing more. :relaxed:

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Thank you, and exactly what i was thinking.

Im going to do this piece by piece. Some people might not be happy that i’m only updating on one route for a while at times, but i’d rather have that then produce shit and have everyone including myself unhappy with my final product.

I got a good amount of chapter one done (To clarify i mean taking the outline and writing and coding), here is the beginning.

It’s cold, dark, unrelenting. For months, there has been nothing in your small world, but fluid cloaked by a warm, but seemingly never ending darkness. From within your cozy bubble, you can sometimes hear a murmur of sounds from an outside world, you have not seen, and you have yet to begin to understand. These murmurs, if nothing else put you at ease. Sometimes you move around and make a fuss, trying to the best of your effort to say. “I hear you!, I’m here!”. But, just as you don’t understand them, you don’t think they yet understand you either.

just a lil sneak peak of my intro revamp, as i know i haven’t given you much to work with, but don’t worry, i am working hard whenever i am inspired ^^

I hope i go on to live up to your expectations ^^

(Forgive the formatting, again it’s from my planning page, which im mostly focused on my story before i clean up and code convert)

Ty for commenting ^^

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As many as it takes, i have about 6 chapters with basic planning formed, and given the scope of this game im sure there will be many more.

I plan on making this as best it can be, especially the romance, which ive always found lacking, and im a sucker for ^^

Hope this answer is acceptable ^^


If you choose not to lead, you can go along solo. But, even by yourself you will face challenges that arise with your age. I haven’t yet fully planned my solo routes (as with a bunch of routes because i have a don’t overwhelm yourself with too much at a time) but, we will definitely have a route where you can go along and experience the world by yourself.

I don’t plan on forcing the player into anything if i don’t have too, and i’m always up to suggestion.

And ty for reporting the error, it has now been fixed ^^

Another Edit:

Re uploading to Dashingdon with new error fixed version.

Off topic and ironic but you have an interesting username lol. Going back on track, I generally like medieval stories so I intend to track this thread.

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Yeah i thought about it for an hour lol.

I was like what is a good writer name that suits my weird and quirky personality?

Has nothing todo with the fact i had just eaten fish XD

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It should be “whether” instead of “weather”.
Also, in your first post on the third line, it should be “where” in place of “were”.

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Thank you very much, fixed ^^

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Thanks for the quick answer :smiley:

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Np, thank you for commenting.

As long as i’m on i try to be responsive ^^

(I’m in US Eastern, and of course i gotta sleep sometime and can’t always be quick, but i try lol)



Just uploaded the files with your spelling fix, and @expectedoperator 's error fix ^^

(Had to be really careful cause i was messing with the stat screen files, and i’m not done closing off code ends on that, would’ve got bug report galore. Haha ^^)

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uh oh, ill fix that right away.

Thank you for point that out and for commenting ^^


my bad was messing with player age variables and i updated the file with that setting on that choice.
(I was messing with stat screen info and formatting. In that case i was messing of course with player age stat. Will be fixed in about 2 mins)

Ty again ^^


Taught me a good lesson, always keep a demo version of the game which doesn’t mix with your broken test versions lol

Last Edit:

Fixed :slight_smile:

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Oooh~ Can’t wait!

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