NEON: 0 (Wip-06/01/2024)

Welcome to the Neon:0, A script game taking you to a neo-cyberpunk dystopia called NEON.

In this cruel and polluted cityscape you define it all: from your ambitions, to principles and the lengths you are willing to go. Here you decide exactly how much it is you are willing to sacrifice, of yourself…and others.

Challenge the great city and claim your fate for good or otherwise.


You are a young merc, an upstart in the underbelly of NEON. And yet life in this city weighs heavy from the very beginning, bright eyed ideals are crushed, trust now a myth. All that remains is to press forward with all the fire and the will you can muster…



Coming soon

-Character Art (profession etc)
-Mod menu
-Open city (shops, jobs, character interactions etc)
-Open city side missions


I’ve done a fairly quick play through and there’s some aspects to be admired and some fixes to be desired.

Admiration: The story had a fairly good introduction that doesn’t feel forced with unnecessary info dumping at the beginning. You’ve perfectly established the characters motives and current conflict that doesn’t drag on but some might complain it could be too short, this is just a matter of opinion however.

Fixes and Flaws: While playing, I couldn’t help but notice a variety of coding errors or grammatical mistakes (examples below) .

Another problem I have with the story is that the Handler route seems to only set us up for failure, as no choices lead to our character passing stat checks which can lead to unfortunate circumstances. On the death screens it might help if you have hints as to why we failed even if it’s just simple flavor text rather than the quote. I understand you are going for a stat heavy game, however, people still want to move forward with their chosen job rather than needing to choose someone with more firearms skill just to move forward in the game.

Recommendations: More flavor text to describe the world a bit more without going into a full blown history book. Add more options to either have a known improvement in a skill to pass checks or have more options so other roles can pass them. If you decide to not go through with either option at the very least give the character more health so they can survive longer. Flavor text at death that gives hints as to why you might have died. Get a trusted play tester and code checker to review your game to see mistakes and errors on your part when you feel ready for review.

[Recommendations are completely up to the author and absolutely do not need to be followed, this is your story not the communities]


Thank you, I think I’ll be able to make a few adjustments now in fact.

This specifically was a reference to the whole ‘Help.Me.’ kevin heart bit, I’ll still make a small adjustment to make that more clear.

Fixes and Flaws: While playing, I couldn’t help but notice a variety of coding errors or grammatical mistakes (examples below) .

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I found out that if you repeatedly select the route info and back out you can still gain the stats for said route and can max it out to the 200s

While it is short I did enjoy being dropped in the middle of something while still being able to understand what is going. I will say though that some of the routes seem to always end in failure. Like if you pick the hacker path no matter what happens you end up dead. Perhaps adding some hints or tips to help the player know why they failed?

Was the art AI generated? I spotted a person with four fingers in one of the ingame pictures, along with some lighting that didn’t make sense.

Found this while playing (you missed the #)
*disable_reuse Hack them!

Also, the stats screen has a last name field, but I don’t recall the game asking for my last name. Additionally, profession is blank on the stats screen even after selecting one.

Small fixes:
-More options for the handler class for stat checks.

-Some check fails are a little more forgiving.

-Some added advise on certain death screens.

These are just small fixes, more will be set it in the next update mid june.

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I fail after few choices and find something usefull :grin:

When choicing your character class just say no and redo it :rofl:

your stat goes up every time.

Well…I am working on a mod menu…

Maybe I’ll suggest that little quirk in as a ‘feature’ for now. Thanks for finding it.

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So the demo end in the landing ? (06/02/24)

Just after, yes. You’re supposed to catch a glimpse of Vip and pass out from your injuries.

this is great but i came across this error thought i’d let you know

i think the story is not here yet for those options.

Look at the date of the first post :grin: we are too early. Hope the maker of the story give us something to read soon :laughing:

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