Need to find the link that lets you play test on fire fox

So, try to upload some stuff to dashing down, and found some errors. Unfortunately, dashing down doesn’t say what the Errors are, and I usually play tested on Firefox. The problem with that right now, is that the link I usually use isn’t working. Would anybody be able to help me with that? I can’t use random test and the other test, it comes up as a bug, and normally use Firefox to play test and edit things.

If it comes up as a bug then you either have a unresolved bug at the start of the file or are using the wrong random test file. The random test file I recommend trying has a blank where a icon would normally be.

You mean you test on dashingdon in firefox, or that you usually test the local files in firefox (quicktest, randomtest etc)?

If it is the latter:
Open your explorer (on windows) and go the the choicescript folder to randomtest/quicktest etc. right-click on them and ‘open with’ and open it in firefox.

in the browser itself you can press ctrl+o to open another one (quicktest etc)

I test the local files on fire fox before I upload it to dashing Dan.

so, what problem occurred? what link do you mean?

I usually test using the run random test link that came with the choice script file. There are two. One with fire fox. (Which I avoid) then there is one that does not use fire fox (which I use)

one file is an html, the other is a javascript file, and I was asking the OP

Thanks for the advice. They helped me.

Dude Firefox isn’t even a fire fox anymore. In thirty years it will be a orange scribble in a white scribble.

I don’t really get the joke, but whatever. Also, think I found a workaround.
Now let’s just hope that this one doesn’t get moved/deleted/whatever happened to the last one, the least I have it in its own little file now so that if I need to take a look at it I don’t have to go delving through my ancient downloads.

I think the problem is that people don’t understand what you are trying to say.
there’s html files in the folder that can be uses for testing, and from what we understand you somehow lost those?
(Could you try writing in your native language if english isn’t your first one? We have an international community, there’s certainly someone who can help)