need help with chapter?


So I wanna know what could come under Chapter ?

It’s something I saw a long time ago in a book . It has chapter 1 for exemple and then underneath it something else .

Like in the end of a book ? where you see :

chapter 1: blah blah

  • then something here
  • and more
    -and more
    chapter 2: blah blah
    what is it called ?

An epigraph?


I’m not sure exactly what you are talking about?
Is it like those “In which the hero picks a flower, and discovers a hidden secret.” things?

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Like a subsection of the chapter?

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I am fairly certain it is, indeed, an epigraph, like @Gower mentioned.

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I looked last night…the Lexicon? I think its called . Like ‘Table de matiére’ at the end of a book ? Sorry…for the french slip there lol .

But this book yes it had something below a chapter . But the name escape me .

So to be clear , what I’m looking for is what could come beside a chapter ?

I’m trying to write my own story , and I usually go ‘chapter 1, chapter 2’ . Homewhever , the content isn’t enough for a whole chapter . So I though I split it in chapter 1…and something underneath it ? But the word escape me .

So what is it ? would episode work ? or is that like a chapter ? Like Chapter 1 , episode 1 , chapter 1 : episode 2 ?

You can always go with your own organizing structure. No need to follow the convention if it puts unnecessary problem.

As a note, there’s also act, arc, part, etc.


act and arc sound weird under chapter…but part would work :wink: thank you!