Splitting to Chapters


Hi guys. I would like to know is it really necessary to split my game to chapters ? Will they accept my game if I write it in a one chapter ?


i believe the reason that people do the spacing in the first place is so they can have a ball park figure of where they are instead of just beginnging, little further… am i close to the end? how long is this? that and it’s a good way to set a new tone or give a new perspective. But yes i belive they will accept the game as a whole chapter.


Okay thanks for repsonding :slight_smile:


no problem but just for reference you might wanna take it up with the moderators


@Ealrion do you mean splitting the game up into different scene files? So either one huge text document, or instead split into a number of them with *goto_scene

Or do you mean splitting the game up into different games like Part 1, Part 2 etc and releasing them separately.

Just so you know but we moderators just moderate the forums. We don’t have an inside scoop into choice of games or anything like that. Better to suggest sending an email to the choice of games support email address to ask.


Aha, but even if you did have the inside scoop, it’d be purely confidential, and you’d give the same answer, wouldn’t you? The stars have aligned just perfectly to show way towards a new conspiracy theory!


We will ask you to split it up into multiple chapters. The compiler slows down significantly if there’s too much in an individual file.

cf Apex Patrol


How much is too much?


@FairyGodfeather Yeah I meant scenes. And it will be a long game so it not a good thing to write in one scene I guess.


I find lots of scene files helps me keep things organised. And with Notepad++ I think I can still do a find/replace over everything if I need to.


All I can say for certain is that 250k words is too much.

Haven’t had anything between, say, 50k and that to narrow it down any further.