I type code and have no experience telling a story

Im only recently reaching a chapter point maybe. Should it all be one arch into the finish? I have experience typing code to what I would say is amature or hobbyist.

What im saying is should it be something like all seperate endings based on different things or is it ok to drop in certain copy and paste.

Does that take away from the story if because you have a certain item or something like that and it changes how the ending ULTIMATELY goes. Again this is my very first real try at this. If nobody answers or answers with other threads I think that is a just fine reply.

I’m not sure what you mean by character point. Do you mean character development? If so, there are two kinds of character in that regard: static, meaning they are not changed by the story’s events; and dynamic, meaning they are changed by the events of the story. A character’s journey over the course of a story is called an arc, so there is indeed only one.

In COG, people will typically want different endings based on their choices, but you don’t have to write a ton of them. If you want, they can follow a certain theme or template.

I don’t think so! People like their choices to have consequences.

Personally, I like OneStopForWriters.com, because it has tutorials, worksheets, and lots of information on writing stories.


I think you misread - it says chapter, not character.

Not that I have any useful advice for either, but anyway.

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Thanks! My glasses broke yesterday :smiling_face_with_tear:

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