Writing/Coder Questions

Hello! I have a couple of writing/coder questions.

My first question is should all choices have the same choice within them or a different one?

So let’s say that in the first choice you have the option to do x, which leads you to have another choice of y.

The second choice you have another choice to do w, which leads you to do z.

Should that occur? Or should the second option give you the choice of y as well?

My second question is about the variety of choices. Specifically is it better to have hard choices, like frown vs smile, or should you be given light choices like grin vs smile?

What I mean by hard vs light is the difference is in the hard choices there’s a stark contrast, vs light which is two similar things, with slightly different meanings.

My third question is about the number of choices, such as having 2 vs 4. And if you do choose 4, should there be two similar choices vs two different ones?

Such as laugh, giggle, frown, scowl. Or should each choice be different from the other?

I think that’s all I have, for now, I’ll update this post later on if I have any more questions that come to mind.

Choices lead to whatever you want to lead, and then to whatever other choices you want to present within the parameters of your story. There’s no rule for that, one choice “a” could lead to five other choices and the choice “b” could only lead to two other choices, it depends on your story.

An advice though, you wouldn’t want to branch too much, as it becomes exponentially difficult to keep a mechanic like that. There’s a little bit more info that could help you here:

Or just searching “Branching” on the search bar would give you a lot of results that may have useful information too.


Thanks! I’ll search that up. I’ll take your advice as well, as I can certainly see too many choices and branching out too much being difficult to manage/maintain.

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In that case this can also help you get your things done.

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:heart: This helps a ton. I’ll get started on my research and see what works best for my story. Thanks again! You’re a lifesaver!

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There are some excellent articles here about constructing good choices:


Thanks! This is great!!!

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Ahh Thank you, I knew there was something I wanted to show but I couldn’t find it before.

There are some examples here about the type of branching and other useful stuff. And in all the website in general, just take a look.


This is exactly what I need!!! Thanks :relaxed:

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