Help with the chapters creation

hello guys I’m creating my first story but I’m in doubt about how to build it so I wanted to know what you think of the synopsis and some suggestions…

The Eurialle sector is home to three space civilizations (Humans, Murkan and Sirenians) that coexist almost in harmony for a long time but a threat appeared out of nowhere on the radars and turned out to be a mechanical enemy looking for new planets to consume after having eliminated all the life forms in their path and now it’s up to you a pilot of one of the native races to decide how you will deal with this evil, will you unite all civilizations to fight an evil that plans to eliminate all life or use enemy technology to strengthen yours and take over the sector once and for all?

so… my problem is that I was planning to make the first part divided into chapters but I don’t know exactly how to do that, would I put each chapter as a quest or would the chapters have more than one quest?

I think the use of quests as chapters should depend on the quests themselves. If there is a quest that takes, like, twenty steps to see it to the end, then it could be divided between two chapters, for example. If another quest is so short that it’s a blip, a montage in a movie kinda thing, then have that paired with another quest in the chapter.

Or maybe if you have quests that end up tying together (ex. Saving John here, leads to John betraying the group there…), then have it in the same chapter (saving John could lead to the betrayal, the chapter ends on that moment, and the next chapter picks up from there).

I hope my nonsense makes sense.:joy: