Need help getting started


Hello, I have a question I would appreciate answers on.

I am new to coding and at the moment, I am reading everything I can get my hands on to do with CoG scripting and I think I have a solid grasp of what’s needed and what’s possible with the current coding. My plan at this point is to create a short game or two as a training exercise to familiarise myself with the code and gain some experience for the real game I want to make.

Since I’ve never done this before, I am having problems thinking of ways to convert a simple plot with multiple resolutions (I am a planner so I have already laid the framework down.) into an actual game. How do you do this if you have your story prepared and need to make it into a game? What’s your thought process towards getting started?

I admit I feel a little intimidated but I am also excited to crack on as well.


Well, I begin by writing. I’m serious. However, I don’t start writing in a txt document. What I do is to put my scenes in a mindmap so that it helps me visualise how it would flow. For that, I (and at least one other writer here, Andymwhy) use

The good thing about it being on the computer is that I can code while writing, and once I’m done, all I need to do is to copy and paste on a txt document.


Hmm well i plan out the story in the sense of what things are possible then i dived that into chapters then i begin with the start up chapter (or chapter 0 if you will) which is character setup. after that i just write the story as i code.


ScarletGeisha - Oh wow! That website is incredible for something so simple. Thanks! I can see myself using it often.

appleduck28 - By the things that are possible, do you mean choices and such to choose and events as well?


I am making some good progress on the prologue but I have encountered a story problem.

If you were playing from the perspective of an animal, would you prefer to communicate by body language with no speech? Or would you prefer speech? Maybe only within that species? I would appreciate some feedback on this. Which do you like most?


Speech within the species but body language to communicate with other species to convey what your intentions are in their domain. Just an idea… i dont think many readers will mind,i know i dont.


That’s actually a very good idea, Geezy.

If I used speech I would be worried about making the animals seem too human. As in ‘human in animal skin’ which is what I want to avoid. This brings up its own problems but I would be curious what others think if that’s something that would be a negative aspect for you.


I think most readers are willing to accept interspecies speech.


Maybe try for simplified speech between species, like “I mean no harm.” or “Step aside and I won’t hurt you.”
I think the perspective is much more important than the language to make the player feel like an animal, for example a dog may categorize the whole interior of your house as “toys”, “uninteresting stuff” and “uninteresting stuff that I shouldn’t touch or my master will get angry.”


The way I write is think of a theme or main storyline, jotting down everything that comes to mind and then decide what will become a scene. While writing a scene the ideas for choices and their consequences tend to pop up all the time!


Hello everyone! I’m new here, and to prove it, I have some n00bish questions. (I’m not sure if this is the right place to put them, so if there is a better place just tell me and I will head over there!)

I’d like to use ChoiceScript to make a school project. I have is planned out, and I also have experience programming in Java, HTML, C++, and Visual Basic. (I’m not a complete n00b. :slight_smile: ) So here is where I get lost- Where do I start? I downloaded the files, but I’m not sure what I need for what. Are games written in notepad as .txt files? If so, what do you do with them from there?

I understand the programming language fine. I just can’t figure out where to write it. Thanks for your help! (And I appologise in advance if there is a really obvious answer that I missed…)


in the files you downloaded you want to go to the web folder then the mygame folder

once there you will see the scenes fo,lder the index file and the mygame.js the mygame.js sets up what order the scenes go in the index runs the game but if you open it in notepad you can eidt what the title of the game is. and scenes is where every thing you type for the game shall go. just type it in note pad and save it to that folder.


Once you upzip the file, there will be a folder called ‘web’. In that will be another folder called ‘mygame’, in there will be a javascript file called ‘mygame’, another ‘index’ html file and a folder called ‘scenes’. Open the mygame.js file (with a text editor but you know this already) and the ‘scenes’ folder. You’ll use mygame.js to declare your variables the the scenes, and the scenes themselves will go in the ‘scenes’ folder (as plain text files). ‘choicescript_stats’ is your stats screen. If you want to change the other details (like the game’s name) they should all be in the ‘index’ html file in the ‘mygame’ folder (the one in the ‘web’ folder is a redirect to the other one).

Note: You should probably test your game with IE (everything else jumbles the error messages to some degree AFAIK), and you won’t be able to test it with Chrome unless it’s actually loaded from a web page.


Thanks! That was exactly the info I was looking for. Getting an A, here I come! :wink:


You are opening mygame.js as a text file, right? The index file is for actually testing the game.


I’m very sorry if double posting is not allowed on these forums, but I need a wee bit more help please. I ended up NOT using this for my project because it would take too long. However, I have coded some practice scenes and put them in what I think is the correct place. I now cannot open the mygame JS file- it gives me an error and says “‘SceneNavigator’ is undefined.” Any tips on how to fix that? Thank you, and please allow me to live even though I double posted!