Nebulas adding a Video Game Writing category!


LEGITIMACY! Or some semblance thereof, anyway.

It has been announced that the Science Fiction Writers of America is beginning a Video Game Writing award, beginning with this year.

Anyone who’s published a COG title and can make an argument for sci-fi or fantasy is already guaranteed membership in SFWA, as we were accepted as a Qualifying Market a few years ago.

But Hosted Games authors can also also qualify by meeting certain criteria.

It does cost $100 a year for dues to be a member of SFWA. The Nebulas–the SFWA awards–are apparently voted on by the members. (Unlike the Hugos, where anyone who pays their $35 can vote.)

I would strongly encourage everyone that can to join so that we can see about getting some nominations and even someday an award!


Supra Humanum (WIP - Minor update 4/2/18 - Starting Chapter 2)

On that note, any authors that need documentation from me for their application, feel free to ask!


I have been accepted.


Congrats, Jason!
Or, to be old school… “Conga Rats!”
(Let the line dancing ensue.)