Nastera: A New Age

Hey Guys!
I’m working on something that will hopefully one day amount to something.
It’s called Nastera: A New Age
Currently it’s in some what of a concept phase, but as it stands the PC will travel this continent stopping new threats to the world, and deal with politics of a returning power source.

At the moment only the introduction is done, which is essentially a character creation process. My goal with it was to find a natural way of the PC to use its name, gender, race, and additional stats. I also wanted to focus on getting the Npc’s to be random, and at the moment I’m in a happy place with them. Everything about them at the moment that’s random is displayed in the first scene.
Currently this is only a side project of mine and I as such will not have REGULAR updates. However I do plan on updating it, but Life.

Last note to add, loading the first scene may take a moment as it generates characters. I do plan on staggering it at a later update.

This is what I got so far, Enjoy.


I was super confused during the last part of the game.

Is the section with lifting weights and running for class president supposed to be in the demo?


I chose to prefer strength and to lift weights then why my weakness increased instead of strength?

I know I’d prefer it if I saw all the numbers and then assigned stats to them, rather than getting one number at a time and choosing which stat it goes to.

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Pretty sure that part’s from the ChoiceScript demo/practice stuff.


Peaches, love, :rofl: coffee went out of my nose when I read your comment.

Would it not be best if we assign stats like @stsword said?.
Also I’d love to play as a bard and sing my way to victory…


Ahhh that makes a lot more sense.

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I wantz poisons :stuck_out_tongue:

No offense but wtf did I just read


no sorry
i forgot to scrub the example script

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It seems to freeze if you set your race to Halfling. No error popup, the game just stops responding. Maybe check for loops?

Neat idea with assigning die rolls to stats D&D style, and that part seems to work well.

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