Mythica: Legend of the Chronomancer [WIP] [144 k+ words] [Update 05 Oct 2023]

@suyin Thanks for trying it out. I can’t reveal a lot about the futures so I can’t address these concerns just yet.

@Emlard The first part should be around 600k words.


will this game have harem like koe ?

What does the opinion twords the supernaturals stat affect

Not it won’t have one.

It’s to track your opinion towards them as there will be some major descisions regarding them in the future.


Coming back just to say how much I loved playing this, again.

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@Shenice_L Thanks! I appreciate it.

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I think this is my only criticism too, I think the story is well thought out but the interactions with total strangers is a bit jarring that it’s hard to get into, there literally no fight back about anything… I think the mc is to blasé about essentially having their life uprooted and thrust into a dangerous environment

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@Milkwithhoney That’s a recurring complaint. I am working on it.

A small announcement:
The delay with the new chapter of Mythica is because I got married in November and haven’t had a lot of time to work on my games. Plus as I have already told a few people via DMs, but I am reworking Knights of Evallon to remove some elements I don’t agree with. So I have been hard at work on it.


Congratulations on getting married!

Congratulations :confetti_ball:


@HeroBuddy @Queen_Zelda @Terrell_Williams Thank! I haven’t been frequenting the forums, that’s why it took me a while to see this. Again, thanks.

Also, the Prologue for the new Knights of Evallon is ready. Just waiting to have the thread unlocked.



Congratulations :confetti_ball:

This is a Great Game

Love this game hopefully we get more soon​:drooling_face::drooling_face:


Did anyone else do a double take on Gamer_world’s pfp?

This is well thought out and origin IP, my only criticism is that it uses dance or dancing to discribe what we do in combat alot, which is nice but it gets old.

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now that you pointed that out i almost lost my fasting

Like the story, also would be nice if Artemis would be an option for RO as well, considering Athena is one too.

By the way, anyone else also getting an AI language vibe from the dialogues or is it just me?

Glad to see I’m in this game!