My top WIPs as of right now


:scream: WHAT!? It’s the arguably THE BEST anti-hero/(super)villain WiP there is read it you’ll also fall in love with it I guarantee you :face_with_monocle:


You have caught my attention, tell me more! :heart_eyes:


Extremely touched for The Gladiator: Road to the Colosseum to be featured by @Seraphinite and @Phoenix_Wolf! It really means a lot to me :smile: Totally made my day!

Most of my favourite WiPs are already listed, and I only get time to play them during transit but these are the most memorable ones.
Abysm’s Veil by @Jacic
Diaspora by @Kurokiku
England 1519, in the Court of Henry the VIII by @jry
Project Omega by @ChaoticMind
The Wayhaven Chronicles by @Seraphinite
United We Stand by @AlexClifford1994
War of the West by @MahatmaDagon


Well I can go on and on about it for 1-2 hours but here’s the link to relieve people of trolling


I’m adding a new WiP to my list.

W.I.S.P by @MahatmaDagon


I’d also like to update my list:

Villains by @Avery_Moore


Im adding The Unwanted Warrior by @NutellaQueen to my list.


Might as well update my favorite WiP list:

This all are what I remember not added in my reply, there probably more though

How come I forget SoH 3?


Well, I’m finally making a post here, because no one has mentioned @Fiogan’s Beastie Watch, and that game is a gem! Not only is its delightfully quirky 1930’s electropunk universe splendidly memorable (copacetic!), it’s got one of the more detailed personality tracking systems I’ve yet seen. I mean, I was impressed by the stat screen before I looked at the code and saw about half the stats were hidden, and changing flavor text all over the place (Are you pragmatic, sarcastic, grumpy? How much do you love/hate your job?)

Anyway, here’s the rest of my list:

Totem Force and Countdown to World’s End by @ParrotWatcher
Model Citizens: Unmasked by @RenaB
From Ashes We Rise by @Wraith
Freak: Amidst the Neon Lights by @Snoe
World Institute for Superpowered People by @MahatmaDagon
Science Fiction
Supra Humanum by @IronRaptor
A Thousand Miles of Sky by @SirEdmund
Keeper of the Sun and Moon by @daydreamsincolor
For the Crown by @ToxicDreams
Awoken by Scribblesome
Guenevere by jeantown
Misc Well some of these are kinda fantasy, too
Icarus Sun by RenaB
Blood for Poppies by Farside
The Gladiator: Road to the Colosseum by nauhziy
2117: Highway Wars by adrao
Through Broken Lenses by Interestedparty

That’s more than I thought (too many to mention all the authors in one post!)…Still feel like I missed something, tho :woman_shrugging:t2:


sniffle Thank you, @Alexandra. I’ve been wanting to get in on this list. :slight_smile:

So I can stay on topic, I’ll throw out some of my favorites.

Kingdoms: Embers in Ashes by @Sophia
The Unwanted Warrior by @NutellaQueen
Diaspora by @Kurokiku.

Science Fiction
The Nuclear Powered Toaster! by @hustlertwo (I don’t say anything but I do lurk.)

W.I.S.P by @MahatmaDagon

The Gladiator: Road to the Colosseum by nauhzhy
The Wayhaven Chronicles by @Seraphinite

I have others but I’m likely waiting for more content to put it on the list.


Time for a true list.

Of Blood and Steel by @N1GHTMAR3
Kingdoms: Embers in Ashes by @Sophia
The Unwanted Warrior by @NutellaQueen
The Gladiator: Road to the Colosseum by @nauhziy
England 1519, in the Court of Henry VIII by @jry
The Wayhaven Chronicles by @Seraphinite
Through Broken Lenses by @Interestedparty


I got in my own thread on a list. WOWOWOWOWOWO, can’t believe it.


I guess making a WIP that is mentioned here is true achievement (gives huge sigh and goes back to writing…).


@Alexandra thanks so much for the mention! I’m incredibly flattered, especially since I only have two chapters up so far :sweat_smile:

I think all of my favorites have been mentioned already, but here they are again:

Sci Fi
Unnamed Sci-fi Game by @Alicante

Community College Hero 2 by @Eric_Moser
Freak: Amidst the Neon Lights by @Snoe

Guenevere by @jeantown
Samurai of Hyuga 3 by @MultipleChoice

Icarus Sun by @RenaB
The Wayhaven Chronicles by @Seraphinite
Rainvale by @shield619

to name a few…


:grin: This was one of the best things I could wake up to see, thank you so so much! I really should get back to working on it instead of distracting myself all the time :sweat_smile:


I was teally into Team Zero, it was by far my favourite WIP. But it seems like it’s dead. what a shame


Honestly, I just assumed you both were on here already! True, neither of you may have much content up yet, but it’s good content. I can tell you’re not just thinking ‘oh this would be a cool premise for a game’ – you’ve got stories in mind, and you know your characters.


I am going to rein myself in as an unusually indulgent connoisseur of all things WIP and so shall unadorn my list down to a very sleek, and a very chic, top five:

SoS: The Mortal Coil authored by the incomparable @Dae-kalina

Supernatural in New York authored by the incomparable @Rebelgirl and @Roxy.

Freak: Amidst the Neon Lights authored by the incomparable @Snoe.

One Thousand Blooms authored by the incomparable @Lycoris.

Diaspora authored by the incomparable @Kurokiku and @AugustArria.

These stories are where I feel my feelings, ladies and gentlepersons, and where I feel each writer offers an essential and unique voice.


im really looking forward to:
wayhaven chronicles
for the crown
one thousand blooms
tall tale of draigs
freak admist the neon lights
blood moon prophecy
dragon racers
samurai of hyuga 3
through broken lenses
The mortal coil
Heroes: Unmasked (the angst is exquisite :heart_eyes:)

  1. As always S.O.S The Mortal Coil
  2. Yugen
  3. Curse of the Spirit
  4. Diaspora
  5. Model Citizens Unmasked