My stats aren't showing up


Whenever I test it, everything goes smoothly except for the personality stats

When I hit the stats screen and check over the personality stats, nothing’s changed. It looks like this:

I type that ^^^ in but then all I get is this:

My brain cannot process anymore, someone help?


What does your stat_chart code look like on the stats page?

Actually - i take that back…

show your *create code for each stat … let’s look at that too.

Edit - the most likely culprit is that you do not have a space between each +/- and the numeric value.


First thing first, you need to be sure, first.

Is it *set Optimist, or *set Pessimist?
Is it *set Humble, or *set Arrogant?

Keep in mind that each of those pairing are actually a single stat, not two stats opposing each other.

Have you assured yourself? Now move on to the 2nd step.

Did you refresh your browser when trying out the changes you’ve made?
Make sure to press that F5 for every small tit-bits change you’ve made.

And that’s all about it, really.
Try it again.

Or perhaps you can show us the whole code as @Eiwynn suggested. Maybe we can spot the exact culprit and help you out.


You don’t need a space there; I never have one.

I’d agree with you on the rest, though: we really need to see the *create and stat screen code to say what the problem is.


Thank you so much for your help so far! Here’s my original create code

*create Calm 50
*create Anxious 50
*create Optimist 50
*create Pessimist 50
*create Flexible 50
*create Stubborn 50
*create Humble 50
*create Arrogant 50
*create Confident 50
*create Uncertain 50

And then for my stats_chart it’s

      opposed_pair Confident
      opposed_pair Optimist
      opposed_pair Flexible
      opposed_pair Calm
      opposed_pair Humble

I was thinking one of my problem might be the spacing? Because I have a ton of “choices in choices” going on top of one another so I’ve been trying to go back and forth seeing if I messed up there ("n_n)

Thank you so much for all the help, everyone!


Okay; one problem is that “opposed pairs” aren’t actually two stats, but rather only one stat. So, for example, there should be no uncertain stat, as that would just be a low confident stat. Instead of adding to uncertain, you would take from confident. Your *creates should look like:

*create Calm 50
*create Optimist 50
*create Flexible 50
*create Humble 50
*create Confident 50

and your *sets like:

*set optimist %+15
*set calm %-15
*set humble %+15
*set optimist %-20
*set calm %+15
*set humble %-15

And your stat page would remain unchanged.

Good luck. :smile:


Thank you so so much! Hahaha, can’t believe I forgot it goes two ways! Thank you!!!